List Of Cool Knives

A List Of Cool Knives You Can Use For Various Occasions

There is no denying that knives are one of the most impressive and multi-functional tools ever invented. They have been around since the Bronze Age and they have evolved immensely over the years. It is almost impossible to imagine a world where knives are not staple tools in our lives. That being said, even for the most uninterested people, knives can have much value. That is why there are so many varieties in blades and what purpose they can fulfill for each person.

You might just be surprised by the ways in which knives can make our lives easier. Let’s take a look at some cool knives and what they can do for us in the day today. There are different sizes, designs, styles, and functionalities attached to each blade. The following guide will start with the definition and identification of some basic knife categories. After that let’s dive into the specifically impressive blades you can acquire for special tasks. Maybe you can find a new-found appreciation for knives and how they can help you.

Kinds of Blades You Can Expect To Find To Buy

Pocket Knives

It goes without saying one of the greatest inventions to ever be made was the pocket knives. They are compact, sharp blades that close into the handle of the knife for protection. The size of the pocket knife makes it ideal for traveling and carrying wherever you go. Moreover, the best part of any pocket knife is the array of tools that come with it built-in.

Almost all the time, you will find at least one or more small tools inside a pocket knife handle. The helpful little additions vary from utensils, corkscrews, screwdrivers, and carabiners to parcel carriers. They were initially invented for soldiers who had to move around a lot and needed handy tools on the go. But considering their convenient design they were eventually manufactured for the masses as well.

Spring Assisted Opening Knives

While this is mostly a version of a pocket knife as well, it comes in larger sizes as well. An assisted opening knife is primarily any knife that has a folding blade. In many modern versions, it has a spring-mechanism that allows fast retraction of the blade. Some versions of this knife are simple manual folding as well. Depending on how you use them, you can opt for either feature when you buy it. Some examples of these knives are a knuckle knife and an opening razor knife.

Fixed Blade Knives

Perhaps one of the most widely and commonly used blades in the world are fixed blades. As the name suggests they are blades that are fixed into their handles and don’t move. The kitchen knife is the most common example of such a knife. Basically, any blade ranging from a soldier’s sword to a dagger to a cutting blade will be a fixed blade.

Cool Cheap Knives For Specific Tasks

Now that you have a general idea of the kind of blades that are always available, there are further specifications. According to how you use a knife, there are different blades that can give you various utilities. Let’s delve into the convenience multiple knives can add to your life and how they’re useful.

Spring Assisted Rescue Knife

While the name should be indication enough, spring assisted knives themselves to have diverse functions. One of these functions is assisting in rescue and first-aid missions around the world. EMT and firefighter personnel heavily rely on a good blade to get them through their tough jobs.

When it comes to medics, spring knives are essential for them when treating trauma victims. They can use the knife to tear clothes and make bandages to patch up wounds. Any car crash victim can be freed from trapped seat belts by cutting them off with a spring knife. Even in cases where there are no other resources, knives can perform emergency surgeries and clean wounds.

Firefighters use knives for a variety of emergency tasks as well. Most rescue knives are equipped with LED lights and glass breakers. In case of fires, they can use the knife to break the glass and extract fire extinguishers. In other cases, breaking down doors and windows to rescue trapped victims also requires knives.

Outdoor Essential Knife

On a slightly lighter note, one of the most frequent uses of knives is in the great outdoors. For a host of different reasons, bringing knives to outdoor trips is quite crucial. If you are a camper, you have to make do with limited resources in the wilderness. An outdoor fixed blade survival knife comes with many benefits in this case. A survival knife has a fire starter kit as well as a carrier for carrying things. You can use it to make kindling for firewood and forage for herbs and food when you’re outdoors. It is also quite helpful in propping tents as it can dig holes and cut ropes quite easily.

Another useful need for a fixed blade is a hunting knife when you’re out hunting for a game. Everyone who is involved in this sport knows that it’s impossible to pull off without a good knife. Hunting knives are specifically built for rough and continuous use without rusting or bending. They are larger, sharper, and made from durable materials that last longer than normal kitchen knives. They often also have different blade features, like a gutting hook, serrated edge, and skinning drop-point. If you get a specific hunting knife, you will notice how much your experience of hunting improves.

Collectible Knives For Show

If there is one thing we all know is that there have been some kickass historic knives in the world. Whether they have been used in wars, mentioned in the literature, or showcased in films. They have been showcased in so many ways in action, suspense, and fantasy films and games. Some examples would be Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, 300, and Arthur. This variety of swords ranges from fantasy, anime, ninja, and samurai and medieval to historic blades of glory. Naturally, there are heroes and villains in all these phenomena where knives are used as weapons.

Nowadays there is a legit craze around collecting iconic blades from movies, games, and famous books. People pay a lot of money to own limited edition replicas of famous props and weapons. That is where the market for collectible knives has thrived and made waves. And within this, you will find the coolest and craziest knife designs ever. Tons of comic book stores and online fandoms have collector’s edition blades for sale and swap.

While there are numerous other odd jobs that can be done with knives, these are some highlighted functions. Pertaining to each person’s interest in buying knives, they will find one or another blade of their liking.

Where To Buy High-Quality Knives In The United States

We have outlined the types of knives there are, as well as what they are famed for. Now the big question is, where do you get all these amazing blades from in the market? Well, if you’re looking for a good source to buy the best knives, online stores are the perfect place. There are multiple avenues you can go to, but it’ll be challenging to find good products in your local stores. That is where you will have more luck browsing online for knives that are affordable and of good quality.

One of the most reliable names when it comes to impressive blades is PA Knives. They are the premium online dealers of wholesale knives and providing a large collection to choose from. You don’t need to worry about spending more money and getting less quantity. No matter where you are, you can browse from their collection and find something you like. With doorstep delivery and wholesale prices, you save money and time buying your favorite knives.


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