A Small Guide to Indian Restaurants In Al Karama Dubai

With the array of options available in Al Karama Dubai for a good culinary experience, this article will brief you about some of the best Indian restaurants in Al Karama Dubai that are not to miss. Read to know.


Al Karama or Karama is a small multi-ethnic residential area of Dubai where people from all walks of life stay, majorly catering to the large population of expatriates in the area.  Apart from offering affordable renting apartment options, this area is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, and shopping areas. One can find every kind of cuisine within this area, but it is impressive to state that the most popular choice remains Indian cuisine.  This article will take you through some Indian restaurants in Al Karama Dubai that tops the list in Indian cuisine.


Barbeque Nation:

Whether it is for lunch or dinner, this place is a perfect choice for family and friends who plan to enjoy a wide variety of eateries. This buffet-style restaurant offers a grill station right on the dining table complying to their barbeque theme. With a variety of starters, main course, and deserts, each one can satisfy their taste buds. Overall, it gives a memorable dining experience with their professional staff that has an extremely attentive approach.


Maharaja Bhog:

If you are craving royal Rajasthani food, without a doubt, head to Maharaja Bhog. This Indian restaurant serves one of the best thali in Dubai prepared by expert chefs whose motto is to make everyone feel like a Maharaja. Their royal Indian culinary experience along with their mouth-watering dishes makes Maharaja Bhog one of the top-ranked ones to visit.


Rasoi Ghar:

If you are missing home and mainly authentic Rajasthani and Gujarati food, look no further but head to Rasoi Ghar. Being one of the best Indian restaurants in Karama Dubai, one must not miss their grand thali, dhokla, aamras, paneer makhana, appetizing dals, and platters. One of the most attractive features of this place is its changing menu, which changes every day of the year. So, one can expect mouth-watering food in every visit and to add to the experience, their courteous staff, luxurious ambience, and impressive décor.


New Sind Punjab:

If you are looking for a place that offers you savoury Indian street food along with classic irresistible main course, pay a visit to New Sind Punjab restaurant. One of the most popular North Indian joints in Karama, New Sind Punjab offers the best of the items like chaats, panipuri, egg bhurji, butter chicken, daal makhani, etc. From their extensive north Indian menu, their biryani is not to miss.



As their name implies ‘a place’, Sthan is one of the few places in Dubai that offers a mix of authentic Pakistani, Indian, and Afghanistani food under the same roof. One of their attractive features is their open kitchen that gives room for the people to see their food being freshly cooked. Since they hold a great emphasis on grilled and tandoori meat dishes, it’s a must-try.


Since Dubai is a hub of cultural diversity, with an array of options popping up all the time, one would never be short of options to try authentic Indian food. Thus, in this article, the focus was mainly on some of the most affordable and popular Indian restaurants to must visit.

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