Acer Chromebook 311 – 11.6″ Light Weight Laptop Intel Celeron – Review

All you need from a good laptop is the element of productivity, portability, and performance. A light-weight laptop makes it easier to carry it with you, wherever you go. It keeps you entertained and working even when you travel. Which one would be better, you ask? Well, we are here to provide you with a review of a good lightweight laptop. So, let’s get to it.


This laptop by Acer is the best lightweight laptop for all your computing needs. Let’s just take a look at the technical specs first. Acer Chromebook 311 is powered by Intel Celeron N4000, along with a 1.1GHz processor. It has a memory of 4GB and storage space of 32GB SSD. These specs provide great operation speed for you guys to perform your daily tasks. The speed is good, and the storage is quite sufficient for you guys, to store all your favorite apps and personal data.

It runs on Chrome OS, which gives you the best and easy computing interface. Plus, the security features keep all your data safe from the attack of viruses.

It has an 11.6-inch display which gives you a resolution of 166×768. The display is decent. Even though it is not that cool as some of the expensive laptops, but it is the best one as compared to its contemporaries. The colors and picture quality are still crisp and sharp. This screen will provide a nice display for you when you are working or just streaming.


Now, let’s talk about the light-weight body of this laptop. It has a slim body and a light weight of just 1kg. It fits perfectly in your bag and is extremely easy to carry with you, wherever you go. But it is not only lightweight, but it is also durable. Its strong body can endure a good amount of beating. It can even endure small falls. So, you don’t need to worry about getting it damaged, while you are on the road.


With this laptop, you don’t need to worry about carrying a charger with you, wherever you go. You can stay productive for the whole day. It gives you a long battery life of 10 hours. Charge once and keep working the rest of the day.


Acer has equipped this laptop with Intel Gigabit Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 5, which keeps you connected even when the signals are spotty or weak. This laptop never lets the interruptions of the internet get in your way.


This laptop has USB type C 3.1 and USB type A 3.0 ports, which help you connect all your devices with it. Transfer and manage your data at a fast speed with these ports. It also has an extra MicroSD slot, so you can manage the files on your cards as well.


This was the Acer Chromebook 311 review. We hope you guys have made up your mind by now. Overall, this laptop is quite good for all your casual computing. It is super light-weight, which helps you carry it wherever you want, with ease and a carefree-manner. Get this one or choose from a wide range of laptops , only at your tech-spot and get the best deals.

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