Stepparent Adoption Consent According To Adoption Lawyers

When people hear the word adoption they think of it as something that is awe-full and bad for the child. Sometimes because the wrong choices made the whole process can go out of control, but when you have hired the right guidance from Adoption Lawyers then nothing can go wrong.

What Is Proper Stepparent Adoption Procedure?

Many times one of the parents of the child remarries and the new spouse becomes the child stepparent. On several instances, the stepparents are so nice that children feel comfortable in their presence; which is a good sign. So when the parent divorce and the stepparent wants to adopt the child the court may give the custody to the stepparent.

  1. The very first step that has to be taken in this procedure is to confirm that the birth parents have terminated all of their rights towards the child. The court has to make sure that the parents have given up their power over the child in written form.
  2. Once it is confirmed that the parents have given up the rights; the Adoption Lawyers in Georgia will file a petition on behalf of the stepparent in the family court. The stepparents have to be patient because the whole process takes weeks at least to complete.
  3. The next step that stepparents have to prepare for the home study. This is a process in which experts come and analyze the way of living of the adoptive parents; whether they can afford to raise the child or not.
  4. After this step, the adoptive stepparent with the help of adoption attorneys like has to submit all legal documents that will help in the approval of the adoption. The most important document that stepparents should not forget is the termination and consent of the birth parents.
  5. It is only after considering every aspect of the stepparent; the family court approves the adoption of the child. If the petition of adoption is lacking the consent and termination of the rights then no court in Georgia will grant the adoption.

Vital Points To Note In Stepparent Adoption

When you are applying for stepparent adoption; you have to know a few things that will make you understand  the termination of the rights because without it you will never gain custody of the child.

  1. You can know about step-parent rights in Georgia through various websites and even lawyers. But one thing you have to make clear that the birth parents have to terminate their rights from the child. The biological parents should give up their rights willingly.
  2. Many times the birth parents and especially the mother is not ready to give up her rights. But the court can take her rights forcefully if the decision is in the benefit of the child.
  3. After the rights are abolished the court will give the stepparent full responsibility of the child. Once the decision has been made the birth parents can’t turn back. The birth parents will have no right over the child and the stepparents are responsible for everything.

Who Has Right Of Giving Consent For Approval?

Besides the getting termination of rights; the stepparents have to get the approval of the birth parents. Only then you can complete the adoption process.

Consent Of Spouse Is Important

If the divorce between the biological parent and the stepparent is underway and the stepparent remarries. Then it is important to take the consent of the new spouse.

Approval Of Other Parent Is Taken

The approval of both parents has to be taken. You have to convince them to approve because they have the right to reject. Even if he/ she are not paying child support or have any other rights.

Family Courts Of Georgia Analyze Situation

The family courts are the ultimate institute that has the final saying on all of the matter. If the court does find any fault of the birth parent in this whole situation then the judge will grant custody to the stepparent.

Child Has The Right To Choose

Another point that Adoption Lawyers have pointed out that when the child reaches the age of 14 years; the court asks his/ her decision. Only then the court can make the final after listening to every point.

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