Best laptop for game development

Best laptop for game development 2021

If you are a game developer you might have a huge and powerful desktop, on which you do your game development. But if we told you that you can develop your games, and perform your other development works on the go, without having to sit in one place. Now a days there are some super beast laptops out there, which let you perform your heavy tasks with the element of portability. We will go through some of these heaviest and coolest laptops for your game development purposes. So, lets just get to it. 

Lenovo ThinkPad P1

First up is the game development laptop by Lenovo, called ThinkPad P1. This mobile workstation is packed with powerful specs. It is powered by Intel Core i7 with 2.60GHz processor. It has a whopping memory of 32GB RAM and a huge storage space of 1TB SSD. It runs on Windows 10, so you get the smoothest working and computing interface. With such powerful specs, you know you are getting your money’s worth. It can perform all your development tasks with great ease and smoothness, without getting slow even for one second. 

This great workstation has a 15.6 inch display with 1920×1080 resolutions. It has a 100 percent colour gamut, so you can enjoy your gaming or development experience to the fullest. The colours are razor sharp and the display is so crystal clear that you can see every single detail on it. Whether you are working, gaming, or developing a game, this display will make sure you get the best experience ever. And all of it without even damaging your eyes. 

Being such a powerful mobile workstation, it doesn’t mean it cannot look good. With such great power, it also has some killer looks as well. It has super slim and sleek body, which gives it a real classy look. The black colour makes it boldlystylish. It will surely turn some heads if you take it out in public. In addition to being super slim and light-weight, it is also durable. It has under-gone some military grade tests, so you can get the reliability which you deserve. Work on your game and multimedia development in a carefree manner wherever you are. 


Next up is the mobile workstation by Dell which is one of the best laptop for game development. Dell Precision 5540 is the most powerful laptop you will ever come across. It is powered by Intel Core i7 and 2.60GHz processor. It has a strong and speedy memory of 16 GB Ram, and a storage space of 256GB SSD. It is Windows 10 compatible, so you get the best working interface which is also easy and simple. These powerful specs make this laptop the beast it is. You will be able to work to your fullest potential with lightning fast operational speed. 

Develop your games on its cuttingedge display. This laptop has a 15.6 inch LED display with narrow and thin bezel, so you can have more screen to body ratio. It is powered by NVIDIA Quadro T2000 with 4GB. Such great graphics support gives you the smoothest performance, even while using the heaviest applications. With these heavy computing and applications your laptop will not get heated up, because of its dual fan heat dissipating technology. It cools down the system as soon as it starts to heatup.  

You can perform all of your tasks without having to worry about charging. It has a long life expresscharge battery, which keeps you away from the stress of charging your laptop frequently. It is made for long day of working on heavy multimedia development applications, so you can concentrate more on working rather than charging. 


Third on the list is HP ZenBook G5. This is one heck of a workstation laptop. It is powered by Intel Core i9 and a processor of 2.30GHz. It has the fastest memory of 32GB RAM and a humongous storage space of 1TB SSD. These powerful specs make sure you perform your developing and other tasks comfortably. You can perform your tasks with such great speed and smoothness.  

Enjoy the best viewing experience with its 15.6 inch 4K Ultra HD IPS display. The resolutions of 3840×2160 gives you crystalclear display. You don’t need to worry about missing even a single detail on your screen, while working or gaming. The graphics of this laptop will take you to a new high. It is powered by NVIDIA Quadro P2000 4GB graphics. You can create the magic with its cuttingedge graphics support. Your game developing will never be the same again. 

The slim and sleek look makes this gaming laptop a great looking machine. It has classy bold look with a light-weight body, so you can take it anywhere you go. Keep working and developing games on the go. 


These were some of the best laptops for you guys to develop your games, or to perform other heavy computing. Select from these three or choose from a wide range of gaming laptops only at your tech guru 

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