Difference between Growth & Development

Growth and Development have always created confusion among people. People always find the usage of growth and development hard because they seem to have similar meanings and thus the confusion arises but don’t worry, the thesis writing service in Pakistan is here to put an end to your confusion once and for all.

What is Growth?

Growth is an aspect of development. An increase in size is what growth is referred to. Any measurable attribute is associated with growth, for example, the height or weight of a person. Growth is not continuous mostly and stops at a certain point, for instance, your height increases to only an extent and then stops. It is easily measurable. If we take a look at growth from an economic perspective then growth is linked with small and minor changes such as in the GDP.

What is Development?

Development is a qualitative or quantitative increase in something. Development is a lifelong process that continues throughout. Development is harder to measure, for instance, a person’s IQ is measurable but it is harder to do in comparison.  As far as development is concerned economically, it means the increase or improvement in things as a whole. A company grows when more employees are added but it develops when those employees are utilized. Growth will represent the profits of a company whereas development will look at the bigger picture and will notice the better work environment for their employee that is provided because of the growth in profits. Development leads to better living standards in a country with more opportunities to grow.


Most of us can’t properly differentiate between the usage of growth and development and assume that they are more or less the same but the reality is far from this. There are a number of differences that separates growth from development. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Growth occurs on a cellular basis whereas development occurs at the organizational level because growth refers to the change in physical appearance and physiological structure and development refers to the change in activities and functions of an individual or an organization and imposes an overall psychological change.
  2. As mentioned above, growth happens till it reaches maturity while development doesn’t essentially stop and continues for a lifetime.
  3. Growth is quantitative as it is an expansion of different elements whereas development is quantitative with being qualitative as well because it focuses on the quality of improvement as well. Development focuses on the capabilities and attitudes of an individual or an organization while growth mostly only measures the size of it.
  4. Growth is measurable and has several methods and techniques of measurement while development is mostly not because you can’t measure abstraction as it is subject to interpretations.
  5. Speed of growth depends upon the factors and it can be slow or rapid and for developing quantitative development might be quick while qualitative development is slower because improving the quality requires time and effort.

There might be a lot of differences between growth and development but they are connected with each other as well. For instance, when growth stops due to any reason, the development also tends to slow down or is affected.  Growth and development go hand in hand as they both are equally important for an individual and for an organization.

To explain things a little easier let’s take an example of a child. Height and weight of a child increases while he’s growing and the growth stops when he reaches a certain age, weight might not stop increasing but it is possible with proper diet, etc. With the increase in age the level of intelligence and the ability to think and reason also develops but this doesn’t stop at an age, intelligence and maturity keep on increasing with experiences and this is what development is.

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