Do’s And Don’ts While Creating Embroidery Design on T-shirt

You can add a classy touch to any clothing item by adding an embroidery design or logo. A beautiful embroidery design can easily elevate your clothing item above various other common promotional items. If you are running a company of apparel, you should consider few tips while adding embroidery designs to your apparel. You should make sure that your customers receive good quality clothes along with beautiful embroidery designs. It is important to consider a few rules while creating an embroidery design. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss a few do’s and don’ts while creating embroidery designs on your clothing items:

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Use A Simple Design
In the embroidery technique, stitching creates a thicker line as compared to the ink. Thus, few designs that look great on paper may not look amazing on your clothes. You should avoid complicated designs because they might be hard-to-read on fabric.

There are various renowned companies that use simple embroidery designs and they have ruled the fashion industry for decades such as Polo, Munsingwear, etc. They have a simple logo design that they stitch on every clothing item of their brand. When it comes to embroidery designs, you should always keep in your mind the simplicity is key to success such as Ohio state embroidery designs. When you convert your sketch into an embroidery design, then always keep in mind that less is more.

Pick Appropriate Fabric
Another important thing that you need to consider is the fabric type and quality. The embroidered logo looks perfect on outerwear, denim, knit-work, etc. But, they do not really work well on cotton fabric. Sometimes, the embroidered design looks amazing on cotton fabric clothing items, but that design starts looking gross even after the first wash. You should not create an embroidery design on the light fabric clothing.

Embroidery designs are not perfect for lighter clothes. Initially, they may look good, but they start looking worse after a few washes because the material will gather around the embroidery design. You should always keep this factor in your mind while creating an embroidery design.

Choose Accurate Place For Embroidery
Once the fabric of cloth and embroidery design is finalized, then another most important thing that your need to consider is the accurate placement of the embroidery design. A small embroidery logo design looks perfect on the left side of a collared shirt. You cannot stitch a massive company’s name in the left chest of your collared shirts. The embroidered designs look perfect when they are placed properly.

Along with the placement of embroidery design, you should also consider paying attention to the size of the embroidery design. If you stitch a large size embroidered logo in the mid-chest of the shirt, then it looks likes this shirt belongs to the sports team. The size of the embroidered design and its placement can change the entire look of the clothing.

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Extremely Large Design
If you have to choose one between “Go Big or Go Home” then you should choose ‘Go Home” in case of embroidery. The large size of embroidery design works well on sports uniforms only such as hockey team patches. The extremely large size of embroidery will make your everyday clothes look like costumes.

In simple terms, large size embroidery design will make the wearer appear like a walking billboard. Only small embroidery logo designs look nice and beautiful. If you want your customer to purchase your clothing items then you should ensure that the embroidered logo design is small, clean, and crisp. The clothing item with large size embroidery designs is good as giveaways.

Overly Detailed Logo And Too Much Text
We have already mentioned that stitches of embroidery thread are thicker than the paint lines. Therefore, the designs that look great on sketch may not look good after embroidery. Thus, you should not try to choose an extremely detailed logo for embroidery purposes. The details of the logo become muddle and the text becomes crammed during the transition of the sketch on paper to the embroidery design on the clothing item.

It becomes difficult to understand what actually you want to convey through the embroidery design. It is recommended that you should use the basic version of your logo. It will help to make the embroidered design look beautiful such as auburn embroidery designs.  This embroidery design is perfectly balanced and looks attractive on apparel.

Too Much Generic
If you have simplified the logo and branding to make your embroidered design easy to understand, then you should avoid going too far in opposite direction. Simplifying your message to the point where it loses its meaning and does not seem attractive anymore is not a good idea. You should find the balance between too simple and too complicated.

Final Words
If you want to avoid common errors in embroidery design, you can take the help of a professional. Some online websites also sell embroidery designs and you can purchase them

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