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Feel better food: 6 Food will instantly make anyone happy

When people disappoint you, it’s food that comes to the rescue because it never hurts you. No, that is not a joke, I’m very serious and not even drunk this time. Whenever you are looking for something that makes you feel better, that can comfort you, you can always depend on food because they never let you down. 

You know life is very uncertain, which sometimes leads to despair. It is a part of life, and sadly we cannot do anything about it, nor can we control it. All you can do is find out some things that can fix you up back when you feel broken. You can depend on loved ones who remain constantly by your side. But sometimes even they are not available. What can be done in that case? There is one thing that will always be there without any excuse. It’s the food that I have been promoting ever since the starting of this article.

I know I may be exaggerating a little, it is because food makes me happy. No matter what happens with me throughout the day, when it’s mealtime, I automatically become happy. Speaking from my own experience, some foods have the power to boost your mood. Haven’t you ever felt that words like “your cake delivery is on its way” just made your heart skip a beat? That’s the type of good feeling I’m talking about. When talking about your mood, you know that the choice of food you make and your feelings actually go hand in hand. That means, if you want to be happy in life, you just need happy food on your menu. If you want to know the names, keep reading. 

Morning and evening tea

How many of you are particular about their morning and evening tea? Well, I think more than 50 percent of the population don’t miss their tea sessions. Don’t you feel that tea is the only thing that keeps you going through the day even if you have skipped your meal? This is because tea makes us happy. Though there are scientific reasons as well that tea relieves stress and makes you a calmer person, but even if you don’t know this reason, a cup of tea first thing in the morning can just make your heart happy. Some of you might feel the same for coffee, both these feel-good foods.


Ah! Cake, I can’t even find the perfect words to express what impact a cake has on me and I bet many others out there. Isn’t it just the best thing that happened to this world? Everything about it is just so perfect that a simple glimpse of a luscious cake can make us happy. The taste of a good cake instantly dissolves up in the mouth to send a single to the brain that you are happy now.

The smell of a freshly baked cake instantly puts you in a good mood, provided that you have a taste for sweets and desserts. There must be a scientific reason behind the cake as well, but do we even need a study to prove that it is feel-good food? I think no. if you don’t agree with me, wherever you are feeling down next, just order cake through online cake delivery in Delhi in a flavor that you like and eat some. You will notice that you are feeling much better instantly. 


We all have recited ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ as kids. Well, we may not have really paid attention to what we were actually reciting, but now it seems like it was actually true. Apple is a great food that makes you feel better instantly. Apples actually create a calming effect, also creates more energy in your body which makes you a happier person overall. Other fruits along with apples that make you a happier person are bananas, berries, etc. 

Dark chocolate

I think one of the biggest reasons that we give to ourselves to eat chocolate guiltlessly is because they are good for enhancing mood. Yes, it’s true that dark chocolate actually boosts your mood. Now that we call the good news, huh? 

These are a few foods that make you feel happy. 

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