genius cool single retractable screen

The Cool Retractable screen for door with White frame

Instead of giving you a complicated home improvement project that takes several days to complete, this is a simple one-day project. A few basic tools and a cordless drill/driver are all you need. This screen door is extremely easy to operate. It does not swing on hinges and roll on tires, but rather pulls down just like a window shade.


We’re installing a Screenex Hideaway Roller Screen Door. This door slides up and down just like a window shade. It is made from a fiberglass mesh screen, rolled into a 2-in. sq. aluminum storage cassette or case. The cassette is mounted horizontally on top of the doorway. To support the edges, the side tracks of aluminum are attached vertically at the door jambs.


The sill is free from tracks so there is no way for dirt or debris to accumulate and interfere with the screen. Screenex Model PD7283 has been installed in front of a 6-ft. wide pair of French doors. Other models are also available for doors measuring 3-8 feet in width. Screenex doors are also available to be used as a screen to protect a two-car garage, or open-air porch. Available in white, almond, or brown.

Genius Cool Single Retractable Screen

Before you buy a door, measure its inside width at the top or bottom of the opening. If the door frame has a square shape, then it should be measured by 1/4 in. Order the screen door if it is within 1/4 in. If the door is not square, it will have to be adjusted to align the jambs.


The retractable screen door slides as smooth as a shade. It is made up of a fiberglass mesh screen and an aluminum storage cassette that measures 2 inches in square. The cassette is horizontally installed over the doorway. You will need to cut the storage cassette down to the required width using a hacksaw. It should not exceed 1/8 inches. It should not exceed the width of your opening.


Retractable Screen Doors Installation


After cutting down the cassette to size, replace the plastic end caps. These snap back onto a cut cassette. Replace the screen handle. Then screw two metal mounting clip to the head casing. Keep the curved lip at each clip facing toward the doorway. Carefully raise the storage container to the top of your doorway and then snap it into the mounting clips. Place a horizontal pencil mark underneath the cassette.


Measure from the top of the cassette to the pencil line. Subtract 1/8 inches. These dimensions are used to cut the aluminum sidetracks. Reinstall the cassette. Install the side tracks below the cassette. Screws. Drive the screws into the track by inserting a piece of plastic pipe along the track.


Check the door by moving the screen around a few times. Verify that the door stays within the track and locks securely at its bottom. The factory sets the tension on your screen. The screen can be adjusted by simply removing an end cap from the cassette.

genius cool single retractable screen

You should enjoy the outdoors and its beauty. However, even the most passionate nature lover can feel compelled to stay inside due to the dangers of insects, severe sunlight, drafts, and unfavorable weather conditions. Screenex retractable door screen allows you to take in nature’s fresh air, without worrying about the elements.

Retractable screen door

What is a retractable door screen? Screenex retractable screenings are lighter than stationary screens or sliding screens. The entire process takes 20 minutes. The screen can be removed by simply folding it into a plastic cassette and then storing it out of reach until you need it.


These custom retractable doors screens are versatile enough that they can fit in almost any space: patios, garages, porches or windows. Because of their simplicity and seamless operation, they are an ideal replacement to traditional window screens.


ScreenEx retractable screen doors offer convenience at a higher level. These screens take only 20 minutes to set up and only six to 12 screws to remove. Anyone can do it. For additional convenience, retractable door screens can be installed with a remote control. Your retractable screen opens and closes by simply pushing a button.


ScreenEx products can only be assembled in the United States, using foreign parts. Our lifetime warranty covers tracks and cassettes as well as electric motors and remote controls. We also offer a five-year limited warranty for electronic motors. A one-year warranty covers mesh screens.


So what are you waiting for? Screenex has the answer. Give us a call today. The side track slides down and the screen stays in place. The screen can be accidentally smashed into and the pressure will cause it to give. It then glides up into its place, without any damage. The ScreenEx Pull Down model is easy to install and easily retracts out of sight when not in usage.

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