How Can Yoga Overcome Your Constipation Problem?

Sometimes stomach problems occur due to wrong eating and irregular eating, one of which is constipation problem. Constipation is a frequent problem for most people.

It is not a fatal disease, it is a common type of problem, but it cannot be ignored because if the constipation problem persists then it can also turn into many fatal diseases. Therefore, it is also important to get rid of the constipation problem on time.

We use many medicines to cure constipation. But if you have a constipation problem, again and again, taking more medicines is also harmful to the body.

You can do yoga asanas to overcome constipation. It is very beneficial for constipation. There are many types of yoga asanas. Come in today’s article, know which postures can be done for constipation. 

Yoga asanas for relieving constipation

Due to constipation, causes difficulty in bowel movement. It occurs when a person’s digestive system is unable to function smoothly.

There are the following reasons for constipation:

  • Decreased amount of fiber in the body.
  • Excessive drug use.
  • Changing your daily routine.
  • Constipation problem is formed due to dehydration problem etc.

Symptoms of constipation

There can be many symptoms of constipation like-

  • Flatulence
  • Low or irregular bowel movements
  • Stomach ache and cramps
  • Bowel pressure

Exercise for Constipation, you can do the following yoga asanas.


This asana is very beneficial for removing constipation.

  • To do this posture, first of all, you lay a mat on the ground and lie on your back.
  • Then spread both your legs and keep a short distance between them. After this, bend both your legs from near the knees.
  • With the help of both your hands, hold your feet, and tighten them.
  • Now take out your breath and press the knee and bring it near the chest.
  • After this, raise your head and bring the head near the chest so that your chin can touch the knees.
  • Stable for a while and reverse back to normal.


Halasan is also very good for constipation relief. This can give you many health benefits.

  • To perform Halasana, lay the mat on the ground and lie on your back.
  • Put your hands on the ground.
  • Keeping the legs perfectly straight, slowly raise them upwards. Then, exhaling the breath, try to move the feet above the head.
  • Allow your feet to touch the ground. Stay in this state for some time and then come to your initial state.

This asana is a bit difficult to do, but it can be done easily with regular practice.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

By doing this asana, constipation as well as all the stomach related problems go away.

  • To do Ardha matsyendrasana, sit on the floor with a carpet.
  • Spread both your legs forward. Now bend your left leg so that the heel of your foot can touch the edge of your hip and your right foot should be on the ground and remain near the left knee.
  • Then place your left hand above the right knee and hold the right toed claw with the help of the left hand.
  • Now move your right arm towards your waist and keep it behind the back. Try to touch your navel with this hand.
  • Now turn the head to the right and try to look backward. Release your breath.
  • Stay in this state for some time and then come to the starting posture. After this, do the same sequence from the other side as well.


Balasan is also very beneficial for constipation cure and helps in relieving the problem.

  • To perform this asana sit on the heels.
  • Then place your hips on your ankles. After this, while bowing forward, keep your head on the ground as if to worship God.
  • Keep your hands on the ground while extending forward.
  • Your palm should be facing up.
  • Then slowly press your thigh from your chest.
  • Stopped at this stage for some time and then come back to normal.
  • This asana is also easy to do.


Shavasana is also very good for constipation. This asana is also very easy to do.

  • To do this posture, lay a carpet on the ground and lie on it with your back.
  • After lying down, leave your body free and leave the mind free too. Rest in this state.
  • In this process, you will feel relax and your constipation problem will also go away from the posture.
  • If you are doing more postures, then it is beneficial to do this asana only at the earliest.

Important information related to yoga

If you are new to doing asanas, then you should do asanas only in the presence of a yoga teacher. Yoga asanas have a gradual effect so one should practice yoga regularly.

Do not do more than your physical capacity, otherwise, you will be able to do it on one day and you will have difficulty in practicing it on the second day. By doing the above Yogasanas, you can get rid of constipation as well as get rid of many diseases. You can also know more about yoga asana by joining 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh


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