How sports adorned students avail scholarship benefits at GIIS Noida

The Global Indian International School aims for the sports excellence of its students. It nurtures young sportspersons’ talent by providing an enabling environment such as playgrounds with the required sports equipment for students to practice. It further avails a global sports scholarship for the student who excels in various sports. The Global Sports Scholarship (GSS) is a three-year scholarship eligible for a learner in grades 1-12, offered by the Global School Foundation (GSF) to support young sports talent.

The scholarship is beneficial to the students in the following ways; 

  • It makes schooling in GIIS Noida Affordable

In most cases, the young talented children come from very humble backgrounds. The fees required to school in the Global International School may not be available to them. Some of them even drop out of school for lack of school fees. Therefore, a scholarship comes in handy as it caters to their tuition fees, sustaining them in school in the best private international school in Noida.

  • It allows students to access Quality Education

Although the student is under the sports scholarship, they get to be in Noida’s best school, where the school fosters its students’ academic excellence under professional and competent teachers’ guidance. Learners, therefore, benefit from quality education. They also get to study in schools with enabling facilities such as libraries and laboratories, which allow them to access more information and knowledge. They also conduct practical experiments, which helps to increase the retention rate.

  • Helps to Nurture Learners Talent

A sports scholarship helps to recognize young talents and nurture them to produce excellent sportspersons. Through a scholarship, a learner interacts with fellow students gifted in the same sport. Through their competitiveness, a student can perfect their expertise in a specific sport such as hockey, basketball, and football, to mention a few. 

What’s more, the learner is under a professional and competent coach who guides the learner to become an exceptional sportsperson every step of the way. The competitiveness and guidance from the quality coaches can help a learner make a sports activity a lifelong career and become a professional player in the future.

  • Boosts Learners Confidence

For a learner to win the Global Sports Scholarship, they have to stand out among other applicants. You have to be the best among so many other students eyeing the same scholarship as you are. Therefore when you finally win, you feel confident in your abilities and trust that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Winning a scholarship will instil hard work and determination in a learner, even in the future. They will feel confident to accomplish a project they begin no matter the challenges they may face. Confidence goes a long way in boosting a learner’s self-esteem.

  • Opens Career doors

With a sports scholarship, you can follow any career you want. You can decide to make sports your career and strive to be the best sportsperson in your field of expertise. Alternatively, you could also thrive in academics as you are already in a prestigious school that offers quality education and choice of a related academic career. You could be a doctor! Or any other occupation of your choosing.

Children are gifted differently. Some thrive in academics while others in sports. The global Indian international school seeks to develop an all-rounded student. And as such, it offers a sports scholarship. Therefore, if you are a student talented in a particular sport, apply for the global sports scholarship and turn your dream into a reality. Wishing you all the best as you send in your applications!

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