What can the most prosperous drug trafficker in history teach you as an entrepreneur?

Now the issue of Narcos and Pablo Escobar is hitting a curious pitch on Netflix. We already know how things are going, he gives us something and wings. But as much as we try to portray Mr Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria as the new fashionable antiherolike the Latin Dead Pool and without a farlopero jersey, it turns out that the kid was a Colombian drug terrorist, founder and top leader of the Medellín Cartel Pablo Escobar In its prime was making about $ 420 million a week.

What cannot be denied here is that the friend was an entrepreneur. He had an idea of ​​how to make a business project viable, he extrapolated that to his context and the truth is that a more efficient way (from an economic point of view) of carrying this out cannot be conceived. That he is a good example of an entrepreneur is supported by the empire he managed to set up as a result of his illegitimate and profitable activity.Pablo-Escobar-Entrepreneur

Total, that from a purely business point of view and without serving as a precedent to extort money from the town’s police headquarters, here are 6 things that Pablo Escobar can teach us (in essence, I insist) in order to be a good leader and undertake successfully.

1. Offer a good product. What are you really going to sell? Every entrepreneur wants to get rich. In fact, it is estimated that the personal wealth that Escobar came to achieve throughout his eccentric career as a drug trafficker, is around $ 30 billion dollars. However, all this amount of pasta was not kneaded by chance. The Colombian was clear about the potential of a little-known and widespread product in his market so far.

  • So clear was his potential that he was a prosumer for his brand. 😂

Pablo Escobar Entrepreneur

  • He knew how to take risks, untying resources that he invested in his already profitable and prosperous lesser shenanigans around smuggling.
  • It generated, from 0, its own demand for cocaine that it did not take long to completely absorb and exceed its supply . Example of control and implementation of one of the basic rules of business economics and management that many entrepreneurs often forget when starting their projects. It even had its own customer loyalty strategies . I don’t know if I explain myself.


1. The first thing you have to be clear as water is the idea of ​​your business. What is the essence of your company? The vocational factor or orienting your activity towards something that you are good at in itself will ensure a certain guarantee of success or better prospects than going crazy to set up the business on duty. Friend Pablo, for example, began to show signs of ability and acumen in business from his earliest childhood, having his first “shenanigans” with his cousin in high school, making leadership qualities evident over his peers. In short, try something that motivates you to be active and commit to the development of your company.Pablo-Escobar-Entrepreneur

2. Who do I hang out with? Finding yourself a good prtner , distributor or supplier is essential for a business when it comes to optimizing processes.

Translation: ‘ Ours will be, let’s say, a friendly collaboration. 

The purpose is to avoid any deviation from our strategic plan and the problems that may arise from it. Not controlling this aspect enough can bring us unpleasant setbacks and it is possible that this could harm the quality of our service or interfere with our interests as an entrepreneur. Good management of relationships with your collaborators can exponentiate the development of your business.

Pablo Escobar knew how to see the opportunity in his association with the rest of the smugglers and drug traffickers in his environment. In fact, he managed to establish and establish himself as a leader in the Medellín Cartel. On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, not choosing to work with the right collaborator and over or undervaluing the scope of their actions in our business can have dire consequences. Ask Cucaracha if the grace was profitable.Pablo-Escobar-Entrepreneur

3. Sense of opportunity. Always be alert to the possibilities you can catch. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a successful smuggler of tobacco, marijuana, and other products. Despite the fact that he was doing well, the Boss did not hesitate to embrace the offer to get fully involved in the cocaine trade, something until then little explored in his country and without as much scope as he came to have in his hands worldwide.

Translation: ‘ My eyes are everywhere.’

Even his own son, also an entrepreneur, Sebastián Marroquín, who claims to deny his father’s legacy, is taking a slice of history with the creation of a clothing brand focused on his image and the generation of messages that link his history with the rejection of violence.

4. Which brings us to another must to start and lead a successful business: being innovative. Pablo Escobar invented the mule system to infiltrate drugs and money through airports, ahead of his time. Did you know that according to the former director of the Center for Studies on Security and Drugs at the University of Los Andes, Alejandro Gaviria, drug traffickers as a group were the first large exporters in Colombia? They were 20 years ahead of economic opening. In fact, neither the society of the moment nor the institutions and government themselves, had a problem turning a blind eye while benefiting from the “illicit” drug trade.

5.  Promote your brand. Whether it is the image of your business or your image or personal brand, in the end irremediably linked to the first. It is important to know how to convey who we are, what can be expected of us and to play with this trump card in favour of our project. Efficient communication is super important.

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