How to change item code in Quickbooks

How to change item code in Quickbooks

What is an item in QuickBooks Desktop?

In QuickBooks Desktop, an item is a product or services, tax or any additional charges incurred or a discount availed by the company during the course of its business or during any transaction. When you have a look at the invoice or a sales form of the company, all the items that are purchased, sold or resold are listed there. The different types of items in QuickBooks Desktop include the services provided to a customer, any inventory or non-inventory product that has been purchased for the purpose of reselling or not selling, other charges paid by the company such as shipping charges, and discounts, sales tax and group items. When you create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop, you can add, edit or delete any item. You can also enter a QuickBooks code for every item or transaction.

How can you add an item in QuickBooks Desktop?

Let us see how you can add an item in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • The foremost step to start adding an item is to open the Quickbooks Desktop on your system and go to the lists tab. Over there, you will find an item list option if you are using Windows. For those using Mac, you will find an items tab.
  • Click on the items list or items tab accordingly. For windows desktop, you must select the items option and then click on the New option. If you are using a MacBook, you will see a plus option under the items menu. Click on that and then select New item.
  • The next step is to choose the item you want to select such as a product, services, handling or shipping charges, discount, sales tax and others.
  • When you have selected the item category, you have to fill out the details of the item known as category field such as the name and number of the item, it’s description, and if you want to create a sub-item under the new item. You can also add an item under an already existing item.
  • You can also customize the item fields based on your requirements. Once you have filled up all the categories, click on save. Your item will be created.

How can you edit an existing item in QuickBooks Desktop?

Now, once you have created an item, you can edit it at a later stage. Let us see how you can make changes in an existing item.

  • To change or update the information of an existing item in QuickBooks Desktop, you will have to go to the items list or items option for Windows or Mac respectively.
  • Now, you will see several items on the screen, you can select the one which you want to update by clicking on it two times.
  • Go to the edit item window, click on it, and make the desired changes.
  • If you want to change multiple QuickBooks code items, you will have to open the add/edit multiple list after clicking on the list menu.
  • When you have updated the new information for the item, you can click on OK. The item information will be changed.


If you want to change the item type of an inventory, non-inventory or other charge item, you will have to follow the below-given procedure.

  • Go to the lists menu again and click on it. Now, select the items list and then choose the item for which you want to update the type by clicking on it two times.
  • After that, you have to go to the type option. Over there, select the drop down menu. Click on the new item type, change the item and select OK.
  • While changing the item type, you should keep in mind that you can only make limited changes in the type and cannot necessarily alter the changes once it has been made. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a duplicate copy of the invoice in QuickBooks Desktop and then make the required changes.
How can you combine two items in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop also allows you to change and combine the two existing items in an invoice.

  • To merge two items, you have to go to the lists menu and click on items list.
  • Over there, you can select the item that you want to merge with another time.
  • Now, click on edit item and change its name to the item you want to merge with. Select OK.
  • A window will appear on the screen asking you to confirm whether you want to merge the files under the same name. Select Yes.

Similarly, you can also delete an item from QuickBooks Desktop.

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