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How to Get the Best Car Lease Deal

So you have decided you want to lease a car, but how can you get a great deal? It’s important to take time to consider every move when leasing a car. Keep in mind that the deal you close will affect your finances for the years to come, depending on your contract.

Leasing will give you the tranquility of not having to worry about selling your car and the convenience of driving the latest models. If you’re located in Southern California, you get to enjoy quality luxury auto leasing Los Angeles. Even though leasing is a great option, you should ponder if it’s the one that fits your needs and budget. Just like buying a car, the process should be carefully studied in order to get a great deal.

Check out some of our tips for you to get a great deal on your leased car.

Calculate the Amount You Want to Start With

It might seem like a great deal to put down a small amount of money upfront when you lease. The thing is, once you do that, you will pay much more during the rest of your leasing contract. Ideally, you should calculate and put down as much as you can so you can decrease your payments in the long-term. It’s a great way to start your leasing contract.

Stick to Your Budget

This one might seem too basic, but sticking to your budget is the perfect way to go! There are car leasing companies in Los Angeles with deals that fit your budget if you look in the right places. But first, you need to calculate how much you earn each month and your fixed costs. From there you will know how much you will be able to pay for your leased car a month. Get in touch with your car dealer and provide them with your monthly budget, that way you might find a good deal, especially if you don’t have a specific car model in mind.

Know Your Mileage

When you close a leasing deal, you will need to inform the number of miles you intend to use in a year. In order to know that number, multiply what you drive a week by 52 and add an extra 5 to 10 percent for the case of emergencies. If you are honest in this step, you will avoid paying excess mileage fees.

Consider Stock Cars

Stock car refers to a car that is literally ‘in stock’ and available to lease from the provider. These cars usually don’t come with extras or any fancy equipment, so you need to be mindful of that. However, stock cars will normally be the fastest and most budget-friendly option for you. If you’re lucky enough that the model you want is in stock, you will be thankful to save on your monthly payment price.

Go with the Special Offers

Special offers are a great opportunity for you if you are not sure of the model you want yet. They work very similarly to the ‘sales’ page of online retailers. Keep in mind that the low prices of special offers of certain models apply for a longer contract or a higher initial rental. Make sure you calculate how much it would cost on your terms first before closing the deal.

Avoid Extra Costs

The more you add to your car, the more expensive it will be. You may justify this by saying that leasing is the best or only opportunity for you to drive a luxury vehicle that you wouldn’t be able to buy otherwise. However, if the model you want is filled with extras and fancy gadgets, it will add to your monthly stipends, so remember to look for it in special offers, and always check for discounts. Car lease companies in Los Angeles, like LAC, have great deals on the latest models. You may find just what you’re looking for at a friendly price.

Keep the Car in Good Condition

When you return your leased car, they will check the mileage and general conditions of the vehicle. It is important to know from the beginning of the lease contract that you must keep the car in great condition. Make sure to do regular check-ups on the car and keep it clean during the time you spend with it. By doing so, you will avoid extra charges on your contract.

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