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How to Hire a Top Android Developer for Your Business

“There are a number of app development companies Toronto to choose from for your business’ mobile app development requirements.” The Canadian business magazine Business traveller recently wrote, “Tech startups can’t afford to ignore app development.” In the article, Business traveller listed Toronto app development companies such as Appiction, apples, and Appgenie as some of the leading companies in the industry. Applying for a free iPhone or Android developer program may be an option if one of these companies is able to provide satisfactory assistance.

However, the technology landscape in Canada is changing rapidly. As myBC Tech blog has noted, “the month of April saw Apple take the wraps off of its new app platform, iOS 6. The release marks the first year that Apple has shipped its own mobile operating system, which it refers to as iOS. Apple’s move to begin selling its own software comes as no surprise: the company has consistently demonstrated that it’s interested in providing customers with the best devices on the market, one that runs across multiple platforms and that enables them to do what they’d expect from their devices – run apps that they have grown to love and find useful.” According to tech blog CNET, “over the past several years, third-party app developers have begun to focus more on making an app tailored to a specific device with specific hardware capabilities rather than attempting to target a universal audience that may come across various mobile platforms.”

While Canadian mobile app development companies can cater to a niche audience, the landscape for companies operating internationally isn’t necessarily any different. In fact, it may be even easier and more productive for companies to thrive as they expand beyond their local base. The most obvious benefit to this is the ability to tap into new markets. While growth is certainly important to any company looking to expand, it’s especially critical in today’s economy when companies need to increase their market share to remain competitive.

As I previously noted, Canada offers many regions and ecosystems to explore. And while Canadians are known for being open and welcoming to immigrants, Canadians looking for international success are quickly becoming world leaders in mobile app development companies. This may be due to the fact that many of our country’s resources are becoming quickly available outside of the country. For example, Canada’s energy and natural resources are rapidly becoming popular throughout the rest of the world thanks to increasing demand. Likewise, Canada’s immigration policies offer a welcoming environment to people from around the world. As a result, it’s no wonder that so many can find success with an American or European company based in Canada.

As you can see, mobile development is not a one size fits all operation. There are many factors that go into whether a Canadian company makes it as a top player in the mobile application development field. However, these factors do not always translate to an easy ride. If your business is considering launching an app of its own, here are some tips for finding the best Toronto mobile development company. Some of these tips include:

Hiring a mobile app development company that specializes in Canadian companies will give you access to the most talented developers in the industry. Because the landscape of Canada is so dynamic, a company that has experience with both national and international brands will have the most success. This will ensure that your app will be uniquely available to the millions of Canadian users. Plus, if you need any help in the development process, a professional company with extensive experience can help you through every step.

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of considerations that go into hiring a top app developer in Toronto. One of these is location. It is very important that the developer you hire has access to the best places to create your app, from the ground up. Whether you need an app that can be accessed from the air or the water, from a variety of devices or even from your tablet, having a team that lives in the city will make it easier than ever to get the job done. Toronto has world-class wireless carriers such as Wind Mobile and Bell, as well as Canadian wireless carrier Videotex, which provide low rates and unlimited coverage for users across the city.

Lastly, you’ll want to choose a mobile development company that is familiar with your target market and is familiar with the latest trends. If you’re launching a dating or social networking app, for example, it’s important that your developer can take your concept and translate it to the right device and screen size. Toronto is home to some of the biggest and most talented companies in the mobile world, so no matter what you need an app for, it’s worth spending the extra time to hire a professional Android Developers in Toronto. After all, your app is your business and its success is dependent on having the right people on your team.

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