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How To Wear A Jacket With Style

A jacket is such a traditional and durable clothing piece that has always been on the trend since the time began and will always be trendy. If you don’t own one, it’s a ‘must’ staple part that your wardrobe lacks. A jacket says some audacious comments regarding your preference of fashion, so make sure you chose the right one. If you’re looking for some advice on which one that might be, then look no further and add a panel jacket or a denim jacket in your wardrobe. This guide on how to wear a leather jacket will help you to determine which one is right for you.

Biker Grunge Style

Couple a jacket with torn black jeans and high top shoes. You could also wear some skate shoes to get a street style look. For the back, a black basic tee or even a t-shirt band may be worn. Only note, when combined with darker shades, a jacket looks its best and retains the grunge/rock look.

Sports Style

Keep it easy. Keep it simple. Put on a black and slim fit pair of black jeans, with either a black or a white shirt with a badge so that it isn’t absolutely dull. You can also throw a zip-through hoodie under your jacket to make this sports style luxurious. Finally, add a pair of converse or other street-style shoes to the ensemble. If you like to incorporate accessories, a hat fits well to complete the look or even a few sunglasses. Notice that your jacket is the ideal complement to this ensemble, bringing a little comfort to a very down-played look.

Punky Style

Simply pair a white shirt with some grey trousers and throw on a tie to dress the look up even more. Oxford shoes go along perfectly, matching the punk-rock theme. Then add your jacket and ideally match it to your shoes’ color. The punk style is all about showing rebellion in a classy manner, but the jacket adds some flavor.

Trendy Style

You can dress up a jacket, often a little stylishly, using a dark jumper with a turtleneck and a couple of chinos. Finish the look with a few derby shoes and a black belt to trend. The look is the one you want if you wish to rock a really trendy ensemble on the weekend, while still wearing your jacket.

Office Style

You don’t really want to wear a suit in the office, but the next best option is a jacket. Pair this look for the ultimate workplace look with some chinos and derby shoes. Then attempt to wear a turtleneck shirt with a vest over the top, add the jacket to complete it. Although this look is always elegant at work, it makes you feel even more casual and secure in your office.

For decades, jackets have been a staple of fashion for men. It is a kind of clothing that is never out of fashion or trend. Jackets fall back onto the trend radar every summer and winter season. You should be careful when picking a jacket. It should not be too big or fit. If you want a jacket that will last longer over a season, it’s a smart idea to buy something of quality. The best place to buy a jacket is from Noir LDN. From their vast collection of noir jackets, you can choose a perfect style.

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