Importance of Having Safety Signage in your Office!

Communicating vital information is considered to be one of the biggest challenges faced when it comes to ensuring good health and safety practice in the workplace. It is extremely crucial that everyone understands the potential risks and how they should deal with them if they ever arise by any chance.

This is the main reason, why having proper safety signage in the workplace is essential, since it works as one of the main reference points and contact for all the employees. A workplace safety sign should be placed in all the locations where a potential hazard might occur, with the aim of indicating the danger clearly so that everyone can stay safe and avoid the danger. There are some signs that explain the necessary precautions to take so as to prevent the hazard.

There are not just a couple of signs that are there, in fact, there is a wide range of different signs in existence, many of which are found only once in a particular location, but they are all considered to be equally important. Different signs convey different sets of meanings, since in a majority of the cases; just a simple warning of danger is not enough. A reliable set of safety signs in and around the workplace is the one that not only helps to avoid hazardous situations but also instructs the employees how to go about them.

Workplace safety signs tend to work as a reminder of potential danger to the employees, especially those who aren’t familiar with the area. That is why, it is vital that safety signs are easy and quick to comprehend. Simple graphics and short words tend to work far better than a complicated instruction written with long words, when it comes to allowing anyone to make an urgent yet important decision. Some of these signs are quite recognizable by everyone such as the red circular prohibited sign, but there are others that are more specific depending on the situation.

Generally speaking, there are four types of safety signs that are used in the workplace, and they use the same colour schemes in different parts of the world. Red indicates the potential for an immediate danger or that something is prohibited. Yellow is used as a warning to take some precautionary steps to ensure safety. Blue is considered to be a mandatory instruction that usually signifies danger or warning to ensure safety.  Green is a safety sign which does not signify any kind of danger; in fact, it is usually used to indicate an escape route or first aid.

So, a workplace with all these types of signs in use is considered to have an excellent health and safety systems in place to ensure the safety of all the workers, which is why having safety signs in the workplace is important.

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