Male Andropause: Myth or reality

Andropause in humans… myth or reality?

Does the decline of this hormone cause specific symptoms during menopause?

Or are they solely manifestations of normal aging?

Andropause isn’t medically recognized, but all the changes it brings together are nonetheless genuine. To not be confused with the midlife crisis!

If the height of the male hormone par excellence lasts only some years, its rate begins a protracted decline from the age of 30 to arrive halved at the time of blowing the 80 candles. In some men, this decline is sometimes felt within the 45-65 age bracket and causes an entire host of symptoms. This phenomenon is usually called andropause, but it’s also named hypogonadism or male menopause. If the topic makes less noise than menopause (female), it’s because andropause only affects 2% to five men.

If andropause isn’t medically recognized, it’s because the link between age, call hormones, and symptoms aren’t always direct. Symptoms are often related to factors aside from testosterone, which are unfortunately quite common:

  • side effects of a remedy
  • of thyroid disorders
  • the Depression
  • alcohol abuse

It is also possible that testosterone levels are stricken by diseases apart from age, like obstructive apnea. it’s therefore essential to t

What does andropause look like?

Low testosterone can cause a range of symptoms:

First, changes in intimacy function might end in dysfunction, lack of libido, fewer spontaneous erections, and infertility. Many of these symptoms may be caused by an enlarged prostate, which is treatable by fan palm.

Then the changes in sleep. Some people have insomnia, while others, on the contrary, feel exhausted or very tired.

Emotional problems may occur, such as lack of motivation, depression wave, loss of memory, and concentration.

Finally, physical changes. There could also be loss of muscle mass and strength, increased body fat (especially belly), decreased bone density, reduced hair, and in some cases, the breasts grow. Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly are the best way to treat ed. Hot flashes, although rare, don’t seem to be excluded. Sage is instrumental in alleviating them, and since it doesn’t act on hormones, it’s as useful for men as girls.

We also note a rise in the purchase of flashy sports cars, but that’s the midlife crisis. Many undergo more or less turmoil around 40-50 years isn’t directly linked to the call testosterone.

Who is affected

This is faraway from all men who are laid low with a come by testosterone to experience symptoms. There are certain risk factors, and knowing them, and you’ll adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Drugs and excessive alcohol or marijuana use

Overweight, especially around the waistline

Diabetes or metabolic syndrome

Sedentary lifestyle


Stress, overweight, and sedentary lifestyles are near related to a healthy exercise routine, and a correct diet can prevent them.

Foods to be preferred

Dietary fiber – so fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Omega-3s are found in fatty fish and flax seeds or as a supplement.


In addition to cardio activities that promote heart health and weight loss, you ought to consider preventing the loss of bone density through exercises:

We support our weight, like running, badminton, dancing, skating, soccer, etc.

Against resistance, either with our body like push-ups and planks or weights like dumbbells or stretching with elastics.


While products will be wont to relieve specific symptoms like stress or insomnia, non-prescription products containing testosterone should be avoided because oral testosterone may be toxic to the liver. You can take cenforce 100 and cenforce 200 to treat ed. The effectiveness of medical treatments with testosterone gel for andropause is disputed and not without risks; see your doctor!

Contrary to what some seem to believe, testosterone isn’t found within the engine of a sports car either… but if it causes you to happy, why not!

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