Manali with family Best things to do in 2020

Pin Valley National Park


Are you looking for things to do in Manali with nature? These natural wonders of the town of Manali occupy an area of 1150 sq km (427 sq. miles) as a buffer zone and 675 sq. km (272 sq). The business was founded in 1987. It reaches between 3500 m and 6000 m in height.


Pin Valleys National Park is home to the snow leopard, red fox, marten, weasel, pika, Himalayan snowcock, chukar, golden eagle, griffon, chough, and rave alongside an impressive array of flora and fauna (including some 400 distinct plant species).


The park opens at 6:00 am and closes every day at 6:00 pm. No entry fees are available. During the safari and seeing various animals you and your family will enjoy quality time in this park.


Art for Art’s Sake

When you see all kinds of art at Naggar Castle in Manali, your love of art and objects will hit new heights. It’s a treat for art lovers and one of Manali’s finest. This resorts in Manali has become a historic hotel and the HP Tourism Development Company runs and operates it. An often overlooked truth is that for about 1,400 years Naggar was the capital of Kullu Rajas. This place has its own past and deserves a visit. It is open every day between 7 and 22 p.m.


The popular Nicholas Roerich Museum is approximately 1.5 km from Castle Naggar. Made in remembrance of Nicholas Roerich, a Russian artist who came to the Himalayas following the 1917 Russian Revolution. He was here and died in 1947 for the rest of his life. Helena Roerich was married to him. His uncle, Svetoslav Roerich, married Indian actress Devika Rani, founded the Nicholas Roerich Art gallery in 1962. Most of the pictures show valleys and peaks coated with ice. All-day long except Monday, the museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm.


Arjun Gufa


Manali, called Manu the Sanatan Hindu senator, has many links between faith and religion. It is related to the Mahabharata, Manu Smriti, and Ramayana. Our next selection is in the same spirit a famous cellar named Arjun Gufa. It is located on the banks of the Beas River near the village of Prini. A half-day hike through dense forests is necessary to visit this cave. The Travelosic Forest Campsite can be chosen and from there you can visit Arjun Gufa with a guide.


The epic Mahabharata is closely related to this location. It is believed that Arjuna meditated for strength in this grotto according to Lord Krishna’s advice. With his devotion, Lord Indra delighted and was awarded Pashupati Astra, the most powerful weapon. The nuke of that age is meant to be.


Beas Kund


Did you saw the birth of a river? Don’t miss a trek to the Holy Beas River’s source point. The great sage Vyas, who was the Mahabharata’s poet, was believed to have bathed here every day. For Hindus, the Kund is a holy spot. Under an igloo-like stone structure is the root of Beas covered. Every year, it attracts lakhs of fans.


This place has a peculiar beauty because of its rugged terrain and sheer magnificence. This place serves as a bases for hikes like Ladakhi, Shitidhar, Friendship, and Hanuman Tibba Peaks, as well as for its religious significance and unsurpassed beauty. The customer is open every day between 6 am and 6 pm. No entry fee is available.


Sunrise at Bhrigu Lake


Do you believe in God’s creation and his earthly presence? You want to visit a place in Manali which is a bathing place for Gods? Then it’s a must to visit Bhrigu Lake. It is also called the “Pool of gods,” named after Rishi Bhrigu, as many gods claim to visit this lake for holy dips. At a height of 4,240 m is this picturesque lake.


The natural spring Nehru Kund, which gets water from the lake and improves it’s beauty manifold, is in addition to Bhrigu Lake. Sunrise is an eye-catching view on Bhrigu Lake. This place provides plenty of opportunities if you like photography. It’s exquisite and magnificent to mix natural colours.



You should consider visiting monasteries as stuff to do in Manali. The Tibetans and other follower of the Buddhist Monasteries set up in Manali give a peaceful climate. While some of them are in the centre of a community, they bring such calmness and consolation that they are overcome by serenity. There are also places to understand Buddhist culture. After all the active adventure sports, your family will enjoy the warmth of quiet monasteries.


Manali Gompa, Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa, and Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa are some of the most famous monasteries in Manali. It is near the Mall in Manali, Gadhan Thekhoking Gompa. Established in 1969, this monastery is managed by the locals through donations. Great gifts are given to Tibetan artisans and carpets which have been woven and sold in the convent. The monastery is built with a prominent Buddha statue in Tibetan architectural style.

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