measure window blinds vertical slats

Quality made to measure window blinds vertical slats

Make sure you measure your blinds correctly with Slats Right. Although you may have decided that slatted shades are best for you, there are other options.

To get started, you need a blind size that matches the width of your measure window blinds vertical slats.


Based on types of blinds, slat sizes

Blinds can be made in different sizes and styles: horizontally, vertically, woven or faux wood, fabric, etc. There are slats from 1″ to 3″. The type and size of the blinds you choose will affect your slate size options.

Vertical blinds make an excellent choice for large windows or sliding doors. However, horizontal blinds look great in almost any location and are appealing regardless of the size of your window.

The second is the material choice. People who prefer a more natural look can choose from faux wood blinds as well as woven blinds.Let’s start by defining your ultimate goal.


What is your primary goal in life?

Blinds are more popular than shades and shutters because of various factors. Of course, it doesn’t matter what shade you choose, but it is worth considering your priorities when selecting a measure window blinds vertical slats treatment. Here are some suggestions based upon the most popular motivations for choosing the perfect blind slat thickness.


Light is more important than darkness.

The slat width is essential to those who are concerned about light control. Blinds made with smaller slats permit more light to enter, but if the blind is fully opened, a larger size slat will allow more sunlight to shine through.

measure window blinds vertical slats

How will you be orienting your shades? For example, you may like your shades slightly tilted or not fully opened. However, smaller slates can let more light in because there are more spots for it to shine. On the other hand, if you want to create an intimate atmosphere, for example, in a reading area, a wider slat such as these Parkland Wood Blinds with a two-and half-inch slat could block more light.Pay attention to where your window faces. For example, if your window is east or north set, you might want to use smaller slats. Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds come with a 2-inch slat. They are 100% waterproof and will not fade, warp, or bow from moisture.


Style or aesthetic

Is your primary concern to create a look that suits your style? Consider the size of your window and how thick you want it to complement, not compete with.

Take measurements of the height and widths of your measure window blinds vertical slats and then pair them with proportionate blinds. Simple enough: Smaller slats suit narrow frames and small windows well, while more oversized windows may need more rigid slats.

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, larger slates may be a good choice. This is especially true if your windows are large or standard. Vertical blinds, including those from Hunter Douglas, like the Cadence(r] Soft Vertical Blinds, can replicate the elegant look of drapery. While their Skyline[r] Gliding Panels are sleek and made in many delicate fabrics and textures, they also come in various styles.


Privacy or Openness

Which part is your house you are adding window treatments too, and which section? A smaller slat is better for private areas, like the bathroom or bedroom.


Your living room, for instance, can welcome plenty of light and is an ideal space, especially if it opens onto a lanai to entertain guests outside. Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions'(r) Blinds feature generously wide, three- to half-inch vertical slates that can illuminate your space. If the sun is setting and you feel like being isolated from the outside, close your blinds.


Although it might not always be so, generally speaking, more giant slabs translate into higher price tags. Therefore, avoid high-cost materials, such as wood or smaller slats, if your budget is tight.

Need Help Deciding?

It can be confusing to pick the right blinds, slat lengths, and materials for every room in your house. Therefore, we have another article, “What to Consider Before You Select New Window Blinds,” that will assist you in selecting the suitable material, texture, and rise point.

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