Moving During Corona Guide

Moving During Corona Guide for a Safe and Successful Relocation

Coronavirus has changed everything in our lives. It seems that the masks, gloves, and sanitizers became a permanent part of our lives. Our moves and activities are now limited. As everything got stuck in the novel virus spread, moving homes also become almost impossible. But if the move is a must and you cannot stop, there are many things you have to follow to keep yourself and your family safe while shifting. This blog addresses those concerns and conditions.

How to be safe while moving home in the Corona crisis?

Moving at times when the government recommends to stay at home is the toughest. Here are some points for you to consider if you are moving your home.

Wash Your Hands Constantly:

Washing hands has become a symbolic thing to avoid coronavirus. It is said that the hands are the primary carrier of coronavirus and because of shaking hands coronavirus has spread to this extent. While moving your home, you will have a great threat of being the carriers of coronavirus so you need to wash hands constantly during a move.

Use Germ-Free Boxes for Move:

Prefer the boxes at home and pack your things in them because they are the safest. You have to disinfect them first. But that will not fulfill your need as per the common experience. For that reason, don’t go to the superstores to buy the used boxes. If it is the least option, you have to disinfect them first and then will use. Well, ordering boxes online or from the manual stores that make the germ-free boxes can be used. CPP Custom Boxes are famous for moving homes in America. You can order the boxes from the manufecturers from any nook of the United States of America. The importance of those newly manufactured boxes is that they will provide you the germ free boxes, and will deliver you following all the standard SOPs for coronavirus.

Move-in the Night:

It should be avoided to come out of home in busy hours. If you are shifting your home and the new home is far from your previous one, you should find the less busy hours to move. The weekday moves are okay because there is a rush on the roads and everywhere on the weekends. Avoid coronavirus to reach you and your family, and don’t be the carrier of the virus to avoid moving in the rush. Observe the less busy times and less busy routes to get to your destination.

Keep Distance from other People:

You will take the aid of the moving company or helpers. You will cooperate with them moving your home but no need to go close to them. There is a standard SOP that you have to keep distance between you and other person of at least 6 feet. Keep yourself away from the people to avoid coronavirus spread.

Provide Movers Gloves and Masks:

If the company has not provided the helpers with masks or gloves, it is your responsibility to provide them with the masks and gloves. Allow them to wash their hands and senitize them constantly while helping you in a move. Keep with you the Sprays of anti-virus or anti germs with you to disinfect the people coming from outside.

Shop Groceries Online for New Home:

After shifting to a new home you will need to buy groceries at your new home. For that, you should know that the groceries in times of Coronavirus can be ordered online through different groceries app. Just make a list and add on the mobile application. The vendors will provide your grocery items at your door step. This way you can avoid the unnecessary move and can avoid the spread of the virus. The online companies are also providing germ-free services. Also, keep a distance from a grocery delivery person. Ask him to keep sensitizing hands and disinfect the packaging bags he brought. Online grocery stores also offer the online bill payment so you don’t have to give or receive cash, you can use online payment methods either. In the USA, it was the tradition to order the groceries this way but coronavirus has increased its importance, and now every family is using online apps to order online groceries.

Disinfect Everything at Your New Home:

Disinfecting everything at your new place is important. Even before moving, you have to make your luggage germ free and then move. The moving and covid-q9 protocols should be followed if you have ordered the services of a company to move your luggage. Keep educating your kids and family about do’s and don’ts at a new home. You can avoid the virus to get into your home by disinfecting everything before entering your home. Have a safe move.

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