Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe about Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment technique that makes use of drugs to kill the cancer cells. It is one of the most widely used cancer treatment methods. Recent times have seen a lot of changes in this treatment. The newer technologies now target cancer cells more precisely. There are a lot of misleading facts about chemotherapy. Before getting this treatment, you have bust these myths and get the facts right. Listed below are some misconceptions about chemotherapy and facts related to the same.


Myth 1: All Types of Cancers Get Cured of Only One Kind of Chemotherapy.

Truth: There are different types of cancers and each of them requires a different kind of chemotherapy treatment. This treatment varies depending on the organs that are affected. A single drug cannot treat all types of cancer and target different cells. Some of them aim at destroying the cancer cells, while others concentrate on shrinking the affected cells. The side-effects also depend on the chemotherapy drugs used.


Myth 2: Chemotherapy Is Extremely Painful.

Truth: Many people believe that chemotherapy is extremely painful and hence are scared of it. There are a few disadvantages of undergoing this treatment, but it is not likely to be very painful. Technology has made it a comparatively less painful process.


Myth 3: It Will Be Difficult to Get Pregnant after Chemotherapy.

Truth: The advancement in the field of oncology has led to a lot of changes. Now, it is possible to get pregnant even after undergoing chemotherapy. In case of potential risks, the oncologists prescribe a few medicines before starting with chemotherapy. An alternative way could be freezing of eggs and sperms of the patients.


Myth 4: Chemotherapy Is Only for Severe Cancer Cases.

Truth: The use of chemotherapy varies depending upon the patient’s medical condition. Sometimes, it is only to shrink the size of the tumour as the patient might have to undergo a surgery. A lot of oncologists use it as the only way of treating cancer, while some cases require a combination of radiotherapy, surgery or hormone therapy. It is often also used to keep the patient in a stable condition.


Myth 5: The Cost of Chemotherapy Is the Same All across the World.

Truth: The cost of chemotherapy varies in different cities. It is comparatively cheap in India as compared to countries like the USA. The cost also depends upon the drug used and the type of cancer cells it is targeting. Sometimes, the drugs are imported and hence they cost more than the others.


Myth 6: Chemotherapy Will Affect the Immune System.

Truth: During chemotherapy, there is a decrease in the number of White Blood Cells (WBCs), but the reduction is not that significant. The drugs used during chemotherapy are quite strong, but it won’t affect your immunity or make you prone to infections.


Myth 7: The Patient Needs to Stay in the Hospital for Chemotherapy.

Truth: The chemotherapy sessions are generally not so long. In very rare cases, the patient needs to stay in the hospital during the treatment. In most cases, they can go home after the treatment session is completed.


Myth 8: Chemotherapy Will Cause Nausea and Vomiting.

Truth: It has been a decade since nausea and vomiting was a side effect of chemotherapy, but now doctors prescribe medicines before the treatment begins. At the most, a few patients might have fatigue, but it will not last long.


Hope this helps you debunk the misconceptions associated with chemotherapy and get ready for the treatment session with the right facts. Get well soon!

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