Pedestrian Accident Claims Guide

Road traffic accidents can be very serious for pedestrians. In the year 2018 alone, pedestrians accounted for 26% of all road traffic accident claims in the UK, which is second to car accidents. Anyone who falls victim to these accidents goes through severe consequences. If you or someone you know has been unfortunate enough to encounter an accident as a pedestrian, you’re likely to come across a very distressing time. 

At Hamilton Douglas Legal, we provide support for all the people facing such challenges. Continue reading this guide to learn how you can be in control of the situation if it ever arrives. We have the best group of expert solicitors specializing in personal injury and claim matters. Get in touch with us if you’re considering making a personal injury claim for a pedestrian accident. We will provide you a free consultation on the matter and guide you throughout the procedure to ensure you win your deserved compensation. 


Should You Make A Claim?

If you’ve sustained an injury that was caused by the negligence of someone else, you might be eligible to make a claim. However, it is also important that you put in some time and thought to make this decision. 

You should know the process of a claim before you start it. Personal injury claims can sometimes take too long to resolve, giving you reminders for a long time of the horrible incident you would want to forget.

Having said that, you are legally entitled to get all the money to compensate for the losses you will incur as a result of someone else’s negligence. 

The purpose of compensation is to reduce the harm done by your sufferings. Money might not be enough to console you for the damage you’re going through, but most often, it’s the only thing that can provide redress. Unfortunately, if you choose not to make a claim, you will still have to bear the horrible financial consequences of the accident. The claim will enable you to get some extent of recompense for the losses you’ve gone through. 

In order to be successful in your negligence claims, the general rule suggests that you should be able to prove the other party in failing to fulfill their duty of care, and that failure led to your injuries. 

When you get in touch with a solicitor, they will typically break down the whole case into these parts:

  • The duty of care
  • The breach made in that duty
  • The cause
  • Damage done


Important Things For A Pedestrian Accident Claim

You will not have to fret about the legal aspects of the claim if you have hired a specialist personal injury solicitor to take care of your case. Your lawyer will advise you practically on all the requirements you need to fulfill to have a successful claim. 

Broadly, claim processes involve:

  • Collecting all the necessary shreds of evidence that support the injury and losses you have sustained in the accident. You can also wait to recover fully so that you are completely aware of your losses.
  • Getting in touch with the other party’s solicitors or insurance company to ascertain what aspects of the case they are willing to accept and what might go into dispute. 
  • If the other party’s insurers admit that their policyholder was at fault, you won’t have to trouble yourself with gathering evidence to prove their negligence. 
  • If negotiations break down, there will be a possibility to start court proceedings. Know that commencing court proceedings does not necessarily mean you will go to trial. Most often parties negotiate and reach a settlement to avoid letting the case go to hearings. 

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