Say Goodbye to Your Lower Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Lower back pain is quite common, that affects nearly 80% of the population. It may be either acute lasting for a short term or chronic that may persist for three months or longer. It is one of the most significant reasons for missed workdays worldwide. It may be caused due to overexertion, herniated or ruptured disc, sciatica, traumatic sports injuries, or a result of osteoporosis that leads to painful fractures. Based on the causes and intensity of back pain and diagnostic reports, the doctor will treat your back pain with medications or recommend you to get excellent physical therapy exercises for lower back pain in Philadelphia from a renowned and experienced therapist.

Here is a checklist of some essential steps you need to follow that will enable you to say goodbye to your back pain:-

  1. Diagnose your lower back pain

The first thing you need to do is consult a physician who will diagnose your health condition to determine the nature and intensity of back pain. Your doctor will order neurologic tests through electromyography (EMG) or nerve conduction studies that will find out whether the back pain is due to neural problems in your back and legs. CT scan, MRI, or X-ray imaging will help check out the presence of tumor, disc rupture, pressure on a nerve, or misaligned vertebra.

  1. Get Early Treatments 

Your doctor will determine whether medications and simple stretching will cure your acute back pain or your chronic back pain needed medications, physical therapy, and spinal injections for complete recovery based on the diagnostic reports.

  1. Consult an experienced Physical therapist for chronic back pain

Many people with chronic lower back pain prefer to be monitored by experienced physical therapists who use suitable mobilization, manipulation, exercises, and acupuncture for the treatment. Your physical therapist will devise specific physical therapy exercises in Philadelphia like stretching, core strengthening exercises, and dynamic stabilization exercises. These exercises will strengthen your back’s core muscle groups, enhance flexibility and mobility, and promote speedy recovery from back pain.

  1. Get Quality Rehab to Say Goodbye to Pain

Besides the exercise schedule, your therapist will provide manual therapy that included soft tissue mobilization and spinal manipulation. They may use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to block or modify pain perception by placing current from electrodes on the affected area. Excellent rehabilitation will reduce pain and your dependency on pain killer or opioids. With three weeks of physical therapy, you may experience significant improvements.

What is more important is that even after completing your physical therapy, you should take care to do the exercises regularly to maintain the fitness levels. Doing the exercises the right way and supporting it with a proper diet is essential to prevent back pain recurrence in the future. It would help if you develop a suitable exercise maintenance program and sustain your fitness levels.

With experienced and dedicated rehab services and self-care, you can easily say goodbye to excruciating lower back pain and enjoy your life to its brim.

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