Some things existing and new customers should know about Kinobody

Kinobody is a unique fitness routine program promising users the physique of a Hollywood star.

Its founder is Gregory O’Gallagher, who claims that followers of this program will start looking like Batman. Hence, researchers decided to delve deep and see how the program plans to do so.

The vast majority of the information that was found was basically vague allusions.

Pop culture references used by O’Gallagher are great but when researchers could not find specifics, they became more concerned.

Recommending a fitness routine like Kinobody is impossible because it does not tell anyone how it works.

Researchers examining this method delved deeper to see what this program really is and gathered the needed facts to prove whether Kinobody is worth it or not.

What is the Kinobody workout in its truest sense?

Gregory O’Gallagher designed and created the Kinobody fitness programs to give its users a better physique on the footing of Hollywood celebs.

A quick search on YouTube will give people a video titled ‘The Real Bruce Wayne.’ O’Gallagher introduces himself and goes on to talk about his daily routine using the Kinobody strategies.

There are three exercise programs for men and one for women. They are as follows:

  • First Stage: The Warrior Physique.
  • Second Stage: The Greek God Physique.
  • Third Stage: The Superhero Physique.

There is a program for the ladies which is known as the ‘Goddess Toning Program.’

These programs are designed to take users through a stepwise process of toning their body, slimming the bulk, building, sculpting, and chiseling muscles. In the last stages, the program adds more muscle but in a lean form.

The idea is not to bulk up the body like the Incredible Hulk but to tone up and sculpt the body to look more like Batman, Robin, Thor, and Randy Orton; in short a Kinobody Greek God.

Gregory O’Gallagher refers to aesthetics as bodybuilders being hard, having a hard, angular, and dense physique with broad, thick shoulders and upper back muscles, masculine square chest, rock hard arms, rigid waist, and athletic legs.

Also, the Kinobody website has at least six different landing pages. These pages seem to display the same information, so it is unclear why such redundant information is there.

However, Kinobody’s official website does provide information on how to buy the Kinobody workout program.

Still, the only information provided about the substance of the program shows how Kinobody relies on a workout tactic called ‘rest-pause training.’

What marketing tactics does Kinobody apply?

When it comes to marketing tactics, Kinobody focuses on selling male sex appeal most of the time, in conjunction with masculinity and male image.

Though the company has targeted the sex appeal of females with programs like the Kinobody program; the overall marketing philosophy and tactics of the company are focused on males (Kinobody review).

A certain example of this is the website of Kinobody itself. The landing pages there are rife with endless images of young fit men taking their selfies in the mirror showcasing their physique.

Kinobody sells a philosophy of fitness and well-being overall. Additionally, the main Kinobody program does look to be focusing mostly on observation of three workout periods per week; there are endless variations of its basic program. 

Customers are provided with the opportunity to pay some to try each workout regimen Kinobody has to offer.

In relation to these programs, Kinobody also sells a variety of supplements and accessories. In business terms, having many products and services held together under the umbrella of a single brand is known as having ‘multiple revenue streams.’

Each revenue stream the company has designed entices customers to try other products Kinobody has to offer which not only is a part of the Kinobody plan but also for the brand to earn more from other multiple streams.

What does Kinobody’s workout patterns consist of mostly?

The Kinobody workout primarily consists of dumbbell workouts and fasting. However, the company does not provide anything that is either innovative, groundbreaking, or out of the box, especially when it comes to fitness at home.

However, one thing is for sure that Kinobody does contribute to fitness as well as a feeling of belonging in an all-encompassing fitness regimen offering multiple ways to feel fit and be in control (rid of neck fat).


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