The Tips to Select the Right Wedding Dress For Different Seasons

Whether you are planning to get a pre-stitched or custom-made wedding dress, considering the season of your wedding is very important. Just like season plays a significant role in your entire wedding day, it affects the selection of the wedding dress. Based on the season, you will select the fabrics, textures, and colours so that it’s comfortable.

We know it’s easy to determine and decide the wedding dress based on different seasons, especially if you are getting a custom-made wedding dress. It’s because you are not aware and nothing is defined so clearly about the same. The basic knowledge of the material is only that people consider and purchase the dress.

To make the process a bit simple, we have listed a few tips for selecting the right wedding dress for different seasons.

During Fall Season 

It’s the time when the air is crisp and would feel a light chill. It is neither too hot nor too cold. In this season, you can have tulle with the appearance of many layers. It will protect you from cool temperature but keep airy. As the climate is semi-cool, you can have a cap sleeve or sleeveless gown. Talking about the colour, you can choose darker ivory or lightly golden. These colours will go great with the colours of fall season.

During summer season 

According to most brides, the summer season is their first choice because they do not have to wear many layers of clothes. They can free and comfortable with minimal and light fabric clothing. During the summer season, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you should select silk crepe or Spanish tulle to keep yourself cool. For colours, you can opt for white ivory as it would complement the bright colours in the surrounding. Besides, you can add delicate laces and light sparkle to your custom made wedding dress.

During winter season

If you are living in an area that experiences snow fall or have selected snow covered barn as your wedding venue, you should choose icy blues and deep burgundy accents for your wedding dress. The effect of a darker shade will be beautiful because it will shine bright in a snow-covered area. Most important, you should prefer wearing a gown with sleeves to stay warm. Besides, additional accessories can also deliver warmth to your body. If the dress is unable to warmth as expected, you can wear a fur jacket or caplet.

For spring season

It’s the most beautiful season of the year where there are flowers, raindrops, and sunshine. The environment looks colourful and very different. To match the beauty of the spring season, you should have textured lace along with many flowers and colours. To give a playful look during spring, you can have layers of tulle or horsehair edging. The fabric of the dress should be light to experience the breeze of the season

If you ignore the seasons and just stay concerned about the dress style, we guarantee you will not be comfortable. The impact of the climate will keep you restricted and the wedding day will be a huge burden on you. So, start shopping for a pre-stitched wedding dress or designing a custom made wedding dress after your wedding date is fixed.

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