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This is 5 minutes a day to duplicate your Twitter followers

1. Perfect Your Profile


They usually take a look at your profile before anyone follows you.


So, make sure that you have filled it all up and have a decent picture profile – or at least one that catches the attention of people.


Some bio suggestions on Twitter are also better than others. So make a good choice!


2. Tweet More

That is because people would not tweet you, it is the quickest way of getting fans. If you don’t tweet you.


Yep — get additional retweets ==> get followers!


Then the tweets will pick up! And ensure that you are always tweeting.


3. Schedule Your Tweets


This tip, of course, we are very much in agreement!


Planning your social media posts doesn’t just save you time, it also leads to more users.


Why does this happen?


Because it makes you predictable and reliable.


At certain times of day, followers expect tweets from you — you will slip away from the radar once you continuously quit tweeting.


There are plenty of nice tweet apps… Post Planner included!


4. Use Your Connections


It’s not about who you meet in social media, nor who you know!


Make use of links to other social media sites through connecting messages or updates to your Twitter account.


5. Get Involved in Twitter Chats


Twitter chats are an excellent way to find and gain followers for people of common interests.


You’re probably going to want to follow them back or follow them first.


A few Twitter warnings: A few


  • Alert your followers that you will participate in a chat so it will solve their present
  • Don’t kidnap the talk from Twitter.
  • Do not post links to your Twitter items — unless requested.
  • Recall that everyone will see, so wisely tweet


6. Find New Followers

Like Twitter chat, it is important for your Twitter growth to find people interested in the same things.


Watch your niche influencers and make sure they return once or twice daily.


You are dedicated to Twitter and eager to give back to your community—not just expand your own connections. This shows you.


Twitter lists are also a perfect way to find fans and retweets.


7. Keep Followers Engaged

What is it that 1000s get Twitter followers do deal with your tweets?


Therefore, it’s important for you to tweet to your target public by clicking on your links or retweeting them. It’s important that you do it.


You should always respond and thank them for a personal post, if somebody retweets — not an automatic answer!


A lot of things can be automated on Twitter, but to be human, you still need a large part of your Twitter strategy.


8. Learn From The Best


Can you imagine 9 million followers of Twitter?! I really can’t. I can’t.


But even with so many fans, you see the value of using resources and having your audience active.


If Anton (above) started tweeting unexpectedly, people will soon forget him.


9. Promote Your Twitter


The ‘Field of Dreams’ is not that movie!


Don’t create a Twitter account, and then wait to be followed – this isn’t happening.


You must find innovative ways to get others online and offline to join you.


Such stuff as:


Signs in your body shop




  • Your Twitter name used in your printed materials
  • Corporate cards (these are still used by people?)
  • Conversations in real life (but not a shower)


10. Add a unique image

Whenever possible, your profiles should be a photo of yourself; people want to know about whom they speak.


It is a best practice to tag individual tweets if you handle the Twitter account for a brand of different individuals accessing a Twitter account so that people know who they are talking about.


You may take a step further and create a picture header with names and faces of the account users. If this isn’t a choice you can connect it to an on-site page that includes everyone – so that people can get to know the people behind the brand on their individual Twitter account.

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