Top 10 Home Decor Ideas of 2020

10 new interior design trends for 2020

Fairs, events, and exhibits have revealed which direction home decor is heading. In ten points we reveal the best news in interior design.

Attention to the environment, nature, and sustainability is now on the agenda, especially when it involves design. Among the trends, which can deeply mark 2020, there’s certainly attention to the earth, which, quite a fashion, we hope will become our daily choice. Due to recent technological and scientific developments, most of the look companies are striving to push a kind of green design, both from the purpose of view of the provision chain and the materials. This year we’ll find many zero impact products, created with recycled raw materials and successively recyclable.

In past years, interior design has given great importance to minimalism, to the formal luxury of sterile environments but with a good visual impact. This year, however, everything is targeted at healthy living. Create large spaces, seats, armchairs, disproportionate sofas, warm and intimate atmospheres. Create a  comfortable and pleasant place to remain alone; the house is the place to relax, separating, and creating a temperature.

Like per annum, knowing beforehand what the new trends in interior design are going to be may be a pleasant activity. Both for those that are near to renovating their homes and for professionals, architects, professionals within the sector, fashion bloggers, or just curious, 2020 are going to be the year of the triumph of nature and lively sensations.

The character of a cushy and pleasant place to remain, even alone, is going to be strengthened: your home, even when large, is the place to relax, not hear the noise coming from other rooms or the road, separating and creating comfort areas.

Even within the open space, the kitchen is meant to be a space detached from other environments, avoiding disturbing people who prefer solitude, even temporarily, within the front room. So ensure that the smells and fumes while preparing dinner don’t invade the comfort area.

So let’s get to grasp what the winning trends are going to be for next season.


Fashions always come, you recognize what goes around comes around. 2020 will mark the return of vintage, classic details, antique busts, and furniture dating back to the 19th century. But don’t expect to work out only vintage, in fact, the 000 fashion are showing off antique pieces perfectly inserted in contemporary contexts or perhaps surrounded by-products of pure experimentation.


From glass to ceramics, from wood to straw, this year’s tradition will have an exceptional place in design houses. Despite the nice news from the present time, interior design is rediscovering the values ​​and traditions of expertise, pieces of rare manufacture, reviving the traditional values ​​of almost forgotten professions.


One of the good trends of this era is that the rummage around for soft and enveloping textures. Immense sofas, armchairs everywhere, cushions, and stuffing; a mega trend which will invest every corner of the house.


Yes, even the much-hated wallpaper will make a giant comeback! But forget the old faded patterns on grandma’s walls, in 2020 fashion wallpaper is going to be a requirement. Bright colors, flowers, fruits, and playful motifs are going to be the new walls of the house; enough monochrome room for imagination!


In recent years, because of the growing attention to environmental issues, people have begun to develop a passion for plants and therefore the strength. Indoor gardens are another 2020 trend. With the social scourge of pretending plants were eliminated, interior designers began to incorporate immense grassy walls or small flowerbeds of plowland in their projects. Consider bringing nature into your home, further as giving shine to the inside it also promotes the well-being of the spirit.


No more pale palettes and flat colors. Indulge yourself with the foremost disparate colors, cobalt blue, Kelly Green, or perhaps aubergine purple, to express your personality. Bright and flashy monochromes are often more elegant than you’re thinking that.


Velvet isn’t for and for everybody, we know. But this year unfortunately or fortunately we are going to see him fairly often. The proper combination of luxury and luxury, the velvet will be declined during a wide selection of colors and combinations; blue, orange, pink, and red, the chances of velvet are endless.


Last but not least the tiles. Unfortunately in recent years, they need been the protagonists of the sterile and sad bathrooms of the foremost common houses. 2020 will be their year; small, large, with geometric or multicolored motifs, the important thing is to use them!

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