Top 3 best company incorporation services for Singapore companies

Singapore is a great place to start a business and this is not a joke. That is because the Singaporean government encourages entrepreneurs both local and foreign to start a company on the island by making the business set up process easier. They also provide numerous benefits for those who will start a business in the country. Even foreigners are given special benefits that convince them to hire company incorporation Singapore services and launch their businesses.

If you are thinking about starting a business in Singapore, a bit of great advice is to inquire with company formation Singapore agencies. That is because they are the experts when it comes to registering your business in Singapore. You would want your business launching to be successful. Thus, check out our top 3 best company incorporation services for Singapore companies.

Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants

If you are a foreigner looking to set up a company in Singapore, Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants is one of the company incorporation Singapore firms to contact. Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants is known for being expat-friendly. This means that they make sure foreigners are educated on how companies should operate in Singapore, most importantly, how they should be registered. 

Furthermore, Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants is one of the most affordable company formation Singapore service businesses out there. They offer reasonable service rates with great value. They not only help incorporate businesses but also cater to the needs of the expats in Singapore. They have highly-knowledgeable staff that goes the extra mile to teach foreigners how company incorporation should be done. Thus, their foreign clients will feel assured when they go through the business registration process.

Aside from company incorporation Singapore services, Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants also provides corporate secretarial services. Their services are also paperwork-free since they use the most advanced tools to conduct each service. Aside from having knowledgeable staff members, their employees are patient, efficient, and friendly. This is one of the main driving factors why this company has an average rating of 4.9 on Google Reviews.


If experience and speed are your two main criteria in selecting a company formation Singapore agency to work with, Fastcorp is the best option. When it comes to experience, Fastcorp has been around for more than 20 years. They had helped thousands of entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses in Singapore. Their team of experienced corporate services professionals has been very accommodating to every client. Many of their previous clients have testified how their timely follow-ups prevented many possible mishaps during the business registration process. 

Aside from effective communication, Fastcorp takes it upon itself to educate their clients about the company formation Singapore procedure. They explain how the process is done from start to finish. They make it clear and professional so every business owner will understand how company incorporation is done. As a result, they can easily collaborate well with their clients.

Each of the services of Fastcorp is provided in a reliable way and at affordable prices. Furthermore, Fastcorp, as the name suggests, provides these services quickly and efficiently. In fact, they can register all your company formation Singapore documents in less than an hour. They can also aid you with your other business needs in a timely manner. Therefore, hire Fastcorp if you want an affordable and fast manner. 

WLP Group

Your company needs will not end after the company incorporation Singapore registration. You will need more services to ease the operations of your business. That is why it is recommended that you look for a company incorporation agency that offers a one-stop solution to all your business needs. The incorporation firm that can provide that is WLP Group.

WLP Group provides company formation Singapore services at an affordable price. However, you can get business registration services free of charge if you avail of their secretarial services. You only need to pay for the ACRA fees. In addition, you can get a free company registration consultation before you obtain any of their services.

Aside from company incorporation Singapore services, WLP Group gives HR shared services, payroll management services, and accounting services. They also offer IT services. In addition, they help businesses employ foreign workers through their immigration and work pass assistance. Thus, if you want your business to operate smoothly, hire WLP Group

Find the best company formation Singapore firm

Aside from the three mentioned, there are plenty more company incorporation Singapore agencies in the country. They too offer services that can meet your business needs and provide quality assistance. These companies are also knowledgeable about registering your company in Singapore. Thus, it is important to think wisely before you obtain company incorporation services. 

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