top 5 android emulators

Top 5 Android Emulators for PC

On our PC, we can’t explicitly play Android games. There can also be no Android apps on our PC. Since Android games and apps for multiple platforms have been developed. However, we’ve been running Android software and games on our PC for some time. We need a special tool to run Android applications and games on a PC. Hundreds of Android emulators are on the Internet. You should search for them. But not every simulator for Android is perfect for the PC. So I wanted to tell you some of the best android emulators on your PC. One of them helps you to play Android games on your PC. We move here. Here we move.


Bluestacks Android Emulator for Windows PC is the first choice among more than 130 million people all over the world. It got so many exclusive features and won the hearts of millions of peoples. We can use WhatsApp to be in touch with our friends from PC through Bluestacks. Any type of messages, videos, and pictures can be sent using this emulator. It can be used to get the pleasure of full screen-viewing while playing video games and enhance the gaming experience. The recent technology named ‘Layercake’ made this possible for us to enjoy the most graphics-intensive games easily on our desktop or laptop.

We can install Bluestacks on Windows OS only in a single click and download the applications from their website. In case of low internet connectivity, it got both split-online installer and offline installer. Having an excellent interface, one can browse, select, and install a large number of games which can be accessed from the bar at the top of the screen. One can use more than 1 app at a time using an android smartphone on a PC. Gamers can play games and receive messages from WhatsApp chat at the same time.  So Download Bluestacks now and play games for free.




GenyMotion is the second best-advanced android emulator for PC. It is faster than Bluestacks as it has been constructed on x86architecture. One must configure his android device after installingGenyMotion. Besides Windows, Linux and Mac OS can also be used. It is an emulator for android application developers and it is used to test android apps and their behavior. Users can develop and test their apps in an ideal AndroidEnvironment. For its compatibility, it starts behaving like an android device. One can perform his works of the phone through this emulator being on his desk.GenyMotion can perform the functions of GPS.

Based on Google location, the GPSwidget works perfectly well. One can turn a laptop webcam into an Android video source. GenyMotion can help using plugins such as Android Studio and Eclipse and to test different tools. It can be run efficiently in different browsers. It got some unique features. One can copy and paste texts from any PC emulator for Windows desktop into GenyMotion. Using drag and drop or command prompt, different apps can be installed. There is only a limitation in using this emulator and that is the user has to install a virtual box on his system in order to use it.




Droid4x Android Emulator having so many features compared to other PC Emulator, it is on my top 3. It has so many plus points such as UX user-friendly interface, compatibility, gaming controllability, and graphics. The things one does on his mobile can be done easily using it as it is so closely integrated with an android device. The great feature of this emulator is its amazing gaming experience with bigger screens and faster performance which is much better than any other android emulator in recent times. The graphic experience of this emulator is the greatest of all.

It supports multi-touch and with the help of this one can control a game or app at the same time from Android mobile. Mobile can be used as a game controller and one can also enjoy the games on the desktop for having a better experience. A computer keyboard or joystick can be used to control the game and a mouse scroller is used to zoom in or zoom out. By using this emulator, gamers can record the screen and can share the video on social media. Basically, the streamers use this emulator while playing games. The emulator can be adjusted to any size for the gaming experience.




Almost all types of Android apps such as productivity apps, launching apps, and gaming apps can be run through Andy Android Emulator. Users can play games and use other apps having a great experience through this emulator which bridges between mobile and PC. One can use a third-party launcher and widgets by using Andy.  Itis an ideal gaming emulator famous among gamers for the larger windows screen. One can have the opportunity to do multi-tasking with the help of this emulator. It can be used with both a controller and a joystick. Andy is the first emulator to come up with the easy mobile control feature. Andy enables the user to install any kind of apps through the desktop browser directly.

It provides ARM support and sends updates to the users. It also provides smooth synchronization between desktop and mobile devices which enables the user to operate the phone without even touching it. It is 100 percent compatible with PC and gives the opportunity to play popular mobile games on PC. It got boundless storage capacity and one can use this storage. It puts the apps which are being used frequently on the desktop. The users have to install a virtual box to use Andy and it does not allow the users to do tasks in multiplayer mode.



MEmu is a free emulator for PC which gives the opportunity to run Android smartphone Apps not only on Windows desktop or notebook but also on other devices like tablets. Without installing any other OS, one can run android on the windows platform through MEmu. It can be installed easily with a single click on a PC. One can customize the various specifications like memory, root mode, CPU, etc. In order to enrich the gaming experience, gamers can use mapping resolution to map a controller like keyboards and joysticks. It provides the users to do multi-tasking and allows the users to open more than one window.

While playing games, one can enjoy watching TV. GPS location is used to share files between Android and Windows. It got a multiplayer mode.MEmu is more productive than any other emulator. Having a portable version, allows one to use plug and play MEmu without installing other apps. One can easily install the APKs just using the drag and drop feature, and that is why it has become very easy to use for gamers.




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