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Top International Holiday Patterns in India


This island is known for its white powdered beaches, lakes, and reefs in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is one of India’s best places to visit. This island is renowned for its abundance of native flora and fauna. Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate that is complemented by multi-ethnic and multicultural people, with clear warm seawater, beaches, tropical flora, and fauna. This island is a fabulous gastronomic destination with fantastic wildlife.



The Maldives is the tiny, Indian Ocean island nation with a string of 26 atolls. It is the lowest nation in the world, and one of the lowest in the world is the highest natural point. This island nation is a world-famous archipelago of 1,296 coral islands. The Maldives atolls boast a wide range of coral reefs and marine life. It’s one of the best places outside India to visit.



Nepal is one of the most beautiful destinations for holidays in the Himalayan lap. Indians are free to move and welcome on a fast international holiday. The old kingdom of the mountains is the birthplace of the world’s highest peak, the Everest Mountain, breathtaking valleys, UNESCO world heritage listed sites, spectacular palaces, and vibrant streets. There is a lot of shopping in Nepal from trekking and getting a taste of mouthwatering dishes.


Nepal is one of the best foreign holy destinations in India, whether it’s family holidays, spiritual retreats, a dear holiday with your girlfriend, an adventurous getaway or a break from the hustle and bustle of life.



Bhutan is snuggled in the Himalayas, and what better place for a happy holiday than one of the happiest countries in the world? Bhutan has plenty to offer, perfect for a small international journey from India. The Himalayan country has everything from antique monasteries that go back to Buddhism’s advent to scénic trekking trails.


As Bhutan is kindly called, the Dragon Kingdom takes you out of the world. The beautiful landscape and fresh mountain air of the old kingdom will certainly create some of the most beautiful memories of a family, friends, or honeymoon holiday.


Sri Lanka

The island of a teardrop in the Indian Ocean, one of India’s nearest international holiday destinations. The island nation is truly incredible, with its roots sharing with India. The island is a country that has been held on the hook from picturesque beaches, lush tea gardens, quaint towns on hills, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient Buddhist monasteries, Kingdom ruins, remains from British colonial days.




Dubai is unbelievable in every way, one of the world’s best holiday destinations for Indians seeking a foreign vacation from India. Dubai has everything from the highest tower in the world to man-made islands, beaches, from the most famous shopping destination to a thrilling adventure. If you intend to spend a holiday with a family in Dubai or a romantic honeymoon in Dubai, Emirates is an unforgettable place.



Indonesia is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, synonymous with paradise. Indonesia is the archipelago of more than 17000 islands of South-East Asia, surrounded by waters from the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Well-known for its picturesque beaches, ancient Hindu temples, volcanoes, forests, vibrant marine life and many others. As one of the best places to visit outside India, Indonesians have chosen Indonesia for a wonderful holiday of dear memories of their lives. Honeymoon pairs are especially in love with Bali, the paradise island.



Malaysia is a tropical island nation in South East Asia, another favorite holiday destination outside India. The nation is well-known for its magnificent and exciting towns, charming historic places, picturesque beaches and islands, exciting adventure, and hospitality. With a special charm, Malaysia offers family holidays, a loving couple’s honeymoon, and a great foreign getaway from India.


You’ll be shocked by the mixture of flourishing national parks, lush forests, the life-long aquatic world, and at the same time towns and matrices. The ideal spot for both wild and relaxing!



It’s pretty much the atmosphere for your holiday when the country is called ‘Land of Smiles.’ Thailand is one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations. Thailand spoils you with options from the world’s most wonderful beaches, unexplored islands, old temples, lovely markets, delightful food, fantastic shopping and much more.


The island nation is situated in South East Asia and a fun spot for honeymoon-pairs, adventure-lovers and fun-looking tourists. Thailand is one of the best places to visit outside of India to make you feel happy.



Singapore is one of India’s favourite holiday destinations, one of the most beautiful countries. The island country is lush green with an entrance to the turquoise seas, blessed with its natural beauty. The charming tourist attractions draw families, couples with honeymoons and people from all over the globe and not just from India. The delicious food, shopping events, adventure and adventures add to Singapore’s dear memories. Feel at home and away from home because the country feels very “Indian.”

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