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How to Replace Vertical Blind Clips

Vertical blinds are commonly used to create privacy and block out sunlight for large windows and sliding glass doors. Vertical blind vertical replacement slats blinds are made of vertical slats which hang down from a headrail above a window or glass door.


Rotating the slats allows partial sunlight in. Or they can be turned to “close” to block all light. Unfortunately, vertical blind clips can wear out over time or become damaged. However, these clips can be replaced quickly and are affordable.

For replacement clips for your vertical blinds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer. The original instructions manual included with the vertical blinds will provide the number of the manufacturer. If customer service needs to know the model number for the blinds, refer to this manual.

If you don’t know the manufacturer of your Vertical blind vertical replacement slats or the instruction guide is missing, make sure to inspect all frame areas for a label or stamp identifying the company and model number. Then, search online for contact information as well as the manufacturer’s website.


Turn the blinds open to allow the slats to be spread out from the stacked position. Then, make sure the slats stay in an open place using the swivel device.


You can stand on a stool or stepladder beside the broken window and gently pry open the clip with your fingers. Then, place the slat on a flat surface and gently slide it out. Grab the clip or stem using a pair of needle-nose pliers. Gently twist your pin and gently pull it off until it pops.

Insert a new clip into your grip. For the best grip, place your thumb and pointer finger over the gear. Place the new pin above the pack. Gently press the clip in place using a bit of pressure.

Gently push down the slat in the clip. Make sure the clip lip rests over the slat. Wiggling the pin around, and then gently push the clip ends together.

You can repeat the steps above for broken Vertical blind vertical replacement slats clips.

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