vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors & Large Windows

Window Treatments to Sliding Glass Doors: Which One is Best for Your Home?


Sliding doors, also called sliders, can cause problems when you are choosing window treatments for your Colorado property. Sliding glass vertical blinds for sliding glass doors are best suited for certain window treatments, as they allow you to move across the opening. This makes it easy to move in and out without the need to raise a horizontal blind or shade. There are many options. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.


Vertical blinds


Vertical blinds are an obvious, but not always popular choice for patios or sliding-glass door. Its low cost makes vertical blinds a popular choice for many clients. This is because they are the most economical way that you can cover a large space. Vertical blinds can stack right or left. You can also split them to stack both. However they have a significant stack that blocks a lot from the window even when it is in its open position. There are many types of vertical blinds available, including vinyl, fabric and real wood. You can choose from a variety styles, colors, textures, patterns, and even vinyl. Vertical blinds might be the best choice for you if your budget is tight.

Skyline Sliding Panel Shades

Hunter Douglas’ Skyline design has a modern and sleek look. The fabric panels can be made in either 11 1/2″ or 17″ panels. The panels are placed on a narrow sliding rail that allows the panels to stack on top. This ensures that the window treatment does not reduce your view area. Because the track is narrow, it gives you a clean look without taking up too much space. Skyline uses many of the same fabrics found in the roller shades.

Vertical honeycomb shades

Vertical honeycomb shades may be the best choice for vertical blinds for sliding glass doors that need additional insulation from Colorado’s cold and heat. The best thing about vertical honeycomb shade is the fact that they stack to 6 1/2″ when fully open, regardless of width. The downside to this product is that some people don’t love the pleated and non-descript look.


Slider shutters

Plantation shutters often get overlooked when discussing window treatments for sliding doors. Plantation shutters could be made to slide onto an overhead track. This works just like sliding closet doors, either bi-fold or by-pass. The track allows for both shutters, as well as the track to slide the length of a door. This allows easy access through the door. Slider shutters also have light control, as the louvers can be tilted so that they are above the door. People sometimes think that sliding shutters are bulky. We have an article on Bypass or BiFold Track Sliding Shelters – Which one is best for your Colorado home?

Shades made of vertically woven wood

These shades have a casual style that can be combined with the vertical option of the weaved wood shades. They are made from a combination of woods, bamboo, reeds and other natural materials. This is our most-loved vertical blind choice. This blind has an Asian design and doesn’t match all décor.

Luminate Privacy Sheers

Hunter Douglas’ Luminate combines a sophisticated sheer drapery design with the functionality that is a vertical blind. The Luminate 90-degree vertical fabric vanes spin 180 degrees. This gives you total control over the natural light and privacy. This product might not work well in homes with small children, pets, or other people who have sensitive skin.

Shades & Horizontal Blinds

Sometimes, customers ask us to install horizontal blinds across their sliding glass door. For this application, you will need to completely raise your window treatment. Customers like the minimal look this installation gives. Customers should anticipate the shade being either up or down all day. It is not easy to raise and lower the shade. For this application, shades with smaller stacks, like honeycomb shades, roller shades and silhouette shades, are good choices. Fake wood blinds or wood blinds may not be as popular due to the heavy stack and weight.

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