vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

Review: Slider Glass Doors with Built In Blinds


Sliding glass doors are an ideal option for homeowners who desire to increase the natural lighting in their homes. Due to their large size, sliding glass doors with larger panels can be called sliding windows walls. While that’s a lot, there is still a lot to love about the glass and the light it lets in. It is also crucial to be able to adjust how much light gets into your space.

Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors not only limit light but also protect privacy. For exterior window coverings, homeowners have many options: drapes and blinds.

Venetian Blinds are recommended for doors with blinds. Venetian Blinds are horizontal slats with adjustable light control. You can adjust the height and tilt of the slats.


Doors with built-in blinds have many benefits. The first is that you don’t need additional window coverings unless it’s absolutely necessary.


Blinds are a great accessory for your windows. They give you privacy and can control the amount of light coming into your home. This is especially useful when the sun begins to hit your television or computer monitor.

A good option for homeowners with pets and children is to use blinds between the windows. Integral blinds have a special operator that is built right into the door. This is a big difference from external blinds. External blinds have loose cords that are easy to damage and can pose a risk to pets or children.

With no loose cords, doors with built-in blinds look cleaner. They are also less maintenance. The blinds can be stowed between the panes of glass, making them less likely to collect dust. Products with blinds in between the glass and windows aren’t always perfect.

The major disadvantage of doors with blinds between windows is their inefficiency. Because of the differences in what is between glass panes, this is why they are less energy-efficient.

Glass units that are installed in doors are filled with a non-toxic gas. This acts as an insulator, and contributes to the unit’s energy rating. Because gas is dense, doors with built-in blinds do not contain gas fillers.


To avoid blind operation, the vertical blinds for sliding glass doors  would become too dense due to the gas’s high density. Therefore, doors with built-in blinds are made of air between the glass panes.


These doors can cause problems for homeowners. The first is the operator who raises or lowers the blinds. Sometimes, the operators are magnetic and can become separated from their counterparts at the interior of the glass unit. They can usually be fixed easily, but the frustration of finding the solution to a problem that is not obvious can cause it to become difficult.


Condensation on the glass and dust buildup on blinds are another problem. Although I said these blinds could be low-maintenance, dust can build up on the blinds if the seal around it breaks. The blinds won’t be accessible to most doors. This means that the only option is to replace it.

Milgard is one among the most prominent window and door manufacturers in America. They offer blinds to be placed between the glass in their Tuscany Series vinyl patio-door doors.


ProView, one of our favorite entry door vendors, is also a great choice. You also have the option of purchasing patio doors with interior blinds.


These aren’t necessarily the only companies that make doors with built in blinds. But it’s a great starting point to start exploring your options.


Bi-folding patio doors with vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

There are the same benefits, as well as drawbacks, for hinged patio door and window. Blinds are available by Andersen on hinged patio-doors in the E-Series, as well on French wood hinged patio-doors in the 400 Series.


Should I buy sliding doors with blinds built in?

It’s important to think about all the factors before making a decision. Do the benefits outweigh any potential downsides over the long-term? If you’re not sure, it may be a good idea to choose this type of door only if external blinds/window treatments actually hinder your ability open or close doors. We recommend getting bids on a variety of remodeling projects to determine the price of doors and installation.

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