Web design is an extension of graphic design that includes several activities applied to the creation and development of projects aimed at the web. These activities range from design itself, through interfaces, illustrations, information architecture, UX Design and so on.

The result of a good web design project makes a perfect match between image and usability, conveying the values ​​of a brand in a functional way.


  • Graphic Design (email marketing, banners, animations, infographics, etc.);
  • Interface design (creation of layouts);
  • UX Design (interface planning, wireframes, tests d’utilisation, process flows, etc.);
  • Illustration (pets and characters, icons, reserve illustrations).

A website has become a key component in the consumer’s decision-making process. Therefore, it needs to be attractive, it needs to communicate clearly and objectively, it needs to be functional.

Although your business is essentially offline, a quality website will help your customers find your brand and make a decision before going to the physical store.

When looking for a particular service or product, the first thing most consumers do is search online. This allows a large number of companies to be compared without leaving home.

If your site looks less attractive and functional than the competition, know that you will be losing customers.


In a world of increasingly connected people, a company’s website is often the first impression that your brand will make and it will also be your first interaction with your customers.

The design and development of a website takes this into account from planning to execution. In the eyes of the consumer, a website is a reflection of the business itself.

If your website looks unprofessional and is difficult to use, consumers will assume that your products or services share these characteristics.

A good web design project is vital if you want customers to have a positive perception of your business.

Its online communication pieces reflect the profile of your brand, just as it would happen in a first meeting, making web design extremely relevant for your business.


On the web it’s clear that the users will “judge the book by its cover only”. Have no doubt that users will inevitably assess credibility and trust by the visual presentation of your website.

The Internet can seem a little scary to people, especially those who are more used to doing business in the physical world.

Website design is a great way to create an environment that conveys confidence and security, and, being well designed and well fed, customers will continually return to the website and do business with your company.

As per top web design companies in California, a welcoming web design project increases traffic and leads to much better conversion results.


Your website (or your landing, or your email marketing) needs to be attractive, always keeping in mind the specific audience you want to reach, offering exactly what your customers want. Possibly the most important part of a website is navigation.

Poor navigation can ruin a website’s goals, which is especially serious for robust sites with many pages.

The planning of the web design project includes an intuitive navigation, making it as easy as possible for the customer to quickly find what they want and understand the textual and visual information available on the screen.

If the time to browse your website is comfortable, easy and even pleasant for your customers, it means that you have opened a space for positive experiences between your brand and your audience.


More than being present on the web, it is essential that your web site and all its pieces of online communication are able to impact your audience.

Your website’s web design project is an extremely important part of your online strategy and, because of that, it is for your website that your digital marketing activities will be directed.

With increasing competition in all sectors, users have more options online and are becoming less tolerant of companies that still present themselves in an unprofessional way on the web.

Your website is one of your company’s most visible storefronts and can definitely be the difference between a potential customer doing business with you or your competitor.

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