As the world epidemic changes, face masks have become one of the factors that help reduce the severity of the disease as well as social isolation and handwashing, of course. However, with the emergence of face masks as an important part of PPE equipment for non-essential personnel and citizens, there are also opportunities to add personal style or beauty to your equipment. defense.

Covering the face may be a novel and normal thing, but it does not mean that we have to dress well. Fortunately, by designing colors, decorations, and face mask for valentine’s day, fashion brands can not only be reused but also have visual appeal, thereby enhancing the aesthetics of the plates. Just use the N95 filter and you are ready to use. If you want to add a little brilliance to your personal protective equipment. We have compiled some of our favorite mask’ fashion icons, from floral prints to low-cut eyelashes and even medium-sized eyelashes-everyone can see it safely.

If the media is too beautiful, please judge Dolan’s simple cotton cloth and write down the correct conformation of the small print.

the baby size options available to M.Patmos are also included. In addition: For each mask purchased. Earlier in the quarantine work, Hillary Taymour, who was in charge of the New York brand Collina Strada, turned her energy into a face. After that, when everyone is forced to shut up at night, the fashion world may feel impending doom. When we are engrossed in talking about digital heads, the idea is still going on. Who would buy anything but sweat and cabinets crazy? No one saves a new Prada account.

Like many other designers, Taymour saw possible solutions. We need to wear masks to stop the flow, but why not wear masks for those who are satisfied with the madness? They showed crazy designs made from costumes with dramatic bows. She recently said: “This makes me optimistic in the dark days of fashion.”

Maybe it’s because Taymour has injected happiness symbols into her designs, or because she often uses recycled products and then has a lot of things on hand, and the mask is beaten. They even created a halo effect: she said that searches for Google names soared by 600%. She continues to work on many blogs, including a blog called Black Life Entertainment, and tutorials on how to make a blog at home. She likes to come back to make clothes, but now, the mask will still be kept.

She is not alone. In the turbulent period of the fashion industry, masks have become unexpected monetary protection. Since March, the economy of safety masks has boomed, which will surprise anyone. Investment bank KeyBanc Capital Markets estimates that by 2021, the value of the US mask market will reach $6 billion. The opposite of any kind of fashion. Etsy is a unique and interesting picture of the growth of this market segment: in the second quarter (hence, from April to June or so), 29 million faces have been sold in the retail space, and total business sales approached $350 million. Mask related. During the quarter, more than 1 lakh  Etsy sellers sold masks, and the term “mask” was the first number to search for that phrase-at least 11 searches per second.

Why Just Fashionable Masks?

The biggest sign that masks are powerful may be Uniqlo, where giants like Gap and Adidas are selling them. These are large companies with integrated chains: it can take months or years to create a new product, instead of an hour for Taymour. But they have changed. All of a sudden, clothing companies have purchased new low-cost accessories when people often avoid buying clothes

This is obvious: if the ugly slingshot is defined in 2017 and the small sunglasses are defined in 2018, then 2020 will belong to the mask. This is more than just change. The mask covers the culture, becomes a symbol of our political will, and a tool for self-expression. It simultaneously hides and reveals, restricts, and liberates.


Is the mask a recurrent infection or a new normal part? They were born out of necessity, and once the vaccine is obtained and widely distributed, this demand will decrease. But it is not clear whether our desire for them and their reputation for interest in exchanging instant currencies will disappear.

Claire Foster, head of WGSN’s change prediction shoes and equipment, said: “Because this is an unprecedented situation, I think it will take a while for the public to recover and return to our normal habits.” He said if there is a vaccine. , It may take some time to make people (or at least those who understand that masks are important for controlling disasters) uncomfortable because they don’t show up, especially now that we are all very aware of the spread of airborne viruses

The mask is not only magic in mid-March, but also updated at night and when needed. WGSN forecasters have been exploring masks for years as a “binding device”, not just because of the decorative appearance worn by country singer Orville Peck, or the stupidity of a real song contest. WGSN has extended the life of occultism for many tragic and logical reasons: climate change and pollution. Foster said: “In the active and fashionable market, we have seen many anti-pollution stages, and the mask designs of brands in Asia really modernize the supply of customers who want to prevent air pollution.” years. This summer, when widespread storms swept across California, and red blood cells filled the sky with the smell of smoke and burnt soil, it reminded people that masks can become part of the culture in a more sustainable way than we initially thought.


And as Foster pointed out, the West is not easily aware of these changes. When people feel unwell, Asia has become a respectful manner. Therefore, Luga avoids pollution and Luga prevents the cracks from spreading in different years.


Although most brands have chosen the softest design, some designers have discovered that there are financial opportunities when injecting this highly visible material. There must be Taymour’s works, as well as “peppy”, “checkered” whipping, and animal patterns provided by Baggu. Erdem blooms, and J. Crew does gingham style. Vince is made of dusty silk, while Mother Denim is a cowboy. Rowing pioneers made some of the most common spine bones, such as a small exercise on the chin.

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