What Sets a Good Personal Trainer Apart From Other Fitness Trainers?

The fitness industry is dynamics and ever-growing and full of different types of fitness experts. All of whom have a distinctive perspective when it comes to the art of personal training and coaching.

Although each fitness professional has their own set of experiences, approaches, and techniques, most share these common characteristics that set personal trainers apart from the rest.

Let’s take a look at why you should be working with a personal trainer in East London.

  1. They focus on building rapport.

Personal training is individualized. Reputable personal trainers know the value of the foundation of the experience – the relationship with the client. They understand that to help you achieve your target, communication and a humanistic connection is crucial.

  1. The Research and Ask Questions

Having a great amount of knowledge doesn’t make a person a great fitness trainer. A good personal trainer is one who acknowledges the limits of their own experience and knowledge about specific areas of the field.

Moreover, they ask questions to dig deeper and help you optimally achieve the goal. A personal trainer should employ motivational interviewing skills and techniques to uncover your reasons and purposes for fitness goals.

  1. They Encourage Rest

If you are serious about your progress, you need to consider your rest and recovery. A personal trainer should prioritize programmings such as rest and recovery days. Although regular training is essential for physical progress, recovery and rest is the other half of that equation. Your trainer should build in recovery days and discuss the effects of quality sleep on metabolism and physical training.

  1. They Address Nutrition

Your body is a machine, and it needs proper fuel and rest to perform effectively and yield results. The personal trainer should build you a good nutrition practice.

  1. They Teach

All personal trainers are like a teacher. They will educate you about healthy living. They will also help you develop a level of consciousness about your own health and help you on the journey of change.

They will give you homework, whether it is a nutritional recipe to try, a reflecting journaling activity, or other things.

  1. They Focus on Progress, Not Perfection

Many people have a belief in the “ideal” physique. To become hyper-focused on what is usually an unattainable and socially-prescribed standard. A reputable personal trainer discusses progress and does so in non-scale terms.

Indeed, body weight is an essential metric, but it is just one of many and often fluctuates. The personal trainer should help you focus on other measures of progress, such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved focus
  • Better mood
  • Improved health markers rather than weight

This is not a complete list of the characteristics and approaches that a good personal trainer possesses. But it is a list that reminds us that good personal trainers are not limited to or identified only by their experience and knowledge – it goes much deeper than that.

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