Who can apply for employment pass Singapore?

Finding a job has always been the number one priority of fresh graduates. That is because they want their learnings to be put into use. Looking for a job these days is quite difficult especially if you are only looking at areas near you. However, if you are thinking of working abroad, a good recommendation would be to get an employment visa and work in Singapore.

Singapore is a rich country that has a stable economy which means it has a lot of job opportunities. To be able to work in Singapore, you need to have a work visa. A good work pass that you should aim to get is the employment pass Singapore visa. This work visa is meant for professionals and specialists with good educational background and work history. In this article, we will discuss who can apply for the E Pass employment visa.

Got a job in Singapore

One of the first requirements in getting an employment pass Singapore work visa is to get a job. To get an E Pass, you need the employer to apply for the work visa for you. You will need to give them a written consent that you are allowing him or her to apply for the E Pass on your behalf. You can’t have an employer apply for your pass if you are not given a job by him or her. Moreover, you can’t get a job in Singapore if you don’t search for one. Thus, you need to apply for a job in Singapore to get an employment visa.

In addition, the Ministry of Manpower has an additional requirement when it comes to job posts. The job posts need to be uploaded in the MyCareersPortal for two weeks before the employment pass Singapore application is passed to them for that particular job post. Thus, if you are looking for a job in Singapore, make sure that they have a job post posted at the said portal.

A manager, executive, or specialist

As mentioned, the people that can apply for the E Pass employment visa are professionals. Let us take a look at the cases of Denise and Ella. Denise and Ella are friends who both have plans to work in Singapore. Ella is a restaurant manager while Denise is an assistant cook at the same restaurant. They both found a job opening for the restaurant. 

However, only Ella can get an employment pass Singapore visa. That is because Ella’s job is considered a high-skilled job. On the other hand, Denise’s work is considered mid-skilled which makes her ineligible for the E Pass. Other professions that are eligible for the E Pass employment visa are executives and specialists.

Earning at least S$4,500 every month

To be an eligible employment pass Singapore candidate, you must meet the minimum monthly salary qualifications. A good example of this is Felix and George’s situation. Felix and George are both digital marketers in their former company. Both of them applied for a job in Singapore that is looking to hire several digital marketers.

Both of them were accepted but, their employer may not give them the same salary amount. That is because Felix had been a digital marketer way longer than George. Thus, Felix’s minimum salary requirement is higher than that of George. Since George was relatively new in digital marketing, the employer can give him a salary of SG$4,500 every month. As for Felix, the employer should be giving him more than that depending on his years of experience. This is important to comply with for them to be eligible for the E Pass employment visa.

Good educational qualifications

Another employment pass Singapore visa requirement that you need to pass is the educational qualification. You need to have a diploma from your tertiary education but that is not all. Your tertiary education should be completed at an accredited university or school. That is because they do not accept diplomas from schools that are not accredited. You can check out the Ministry of Manpower website to know which schools are accredited. If your school is not listed, you can still have your diploma checked by an authorized verification office in Singapore.

Those are the ones that are eligible to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa. Now you have a clear idea whether you are eligible for the pass or not. You can now start to look for jobs in Singapore that will fit the E Pass qualifications.


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