Aphrodisiac is so important

Why Aphrodisiac is so important

An aphrodisiac for more passion

The amount of substances contained in plants, spices or various foods can increase libido and desire for love. These are the triggers of chemical processes in the body, thanks to which enjoyment is more exciting, more intense, and longer and brings new feelings to the world of pleasure. It is not just a tool for those who stop working in sex or need to support their potency. Spice up every relationship. Aphrodisiacs are suitable even for those who are shy and shy in the intimate area. They break down embarrassment and relieve physical tension.

Natural awakeners

Do you know why the newlyweds’ holiday is also called “honeymoon”? Apart from the fact that the spouses treat each other literally honey the first days after the wedding, the time spent on vacation, for example, is full of emotions and excitement. The above connection was not created for nothing.

Honey is one of the most readily available and effective love stimulants. In combination with some spices (cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg or cloves) its effect will be even stronger. Another advantage of honey is its easily spreadable structure. Thanks to it, it can also be used as a massage preparation for bed parties.

Coconut oil is also an easily effective aphrodisiac suitable for massages. It has a pleasant scent, is healthy and easy to spread. Women also arouse coriander, men a celery. Passion-enhancing plants are mint, sage, basil or ginseng. If you like pungents, your face will brighten up and intimate parts will be encouraged by chili peppers or garlic or also use Fildena 100 to get long stay in bed.

This kitchen king helps to blood supply the genitals and improves blood circulation. If you are discouraged from using it by a strong odor, try covering it with parsley. Bananas, figs, avocados, cherries and melons are also worth mentioning.

Other helpers

Alcohol is an old known barrier breaker (of course in reasonable quantities) – the most helpful are red wine, strawberries and champagne are again an immortal romantic combination. The bolder stimulants of the senses are oysters, caviar, truffles and green beauties – olives and artichokes. Many people are literally addicted to the sweet brown temptation – chocolate. It calms, encourages and stimulates.

If you prefer a tablet like Fildena 150 or vigora 100 form of passion stimulants, or try vitamin supplements (for men). They contain ingredients such as MACA and ground anchorage, which are effective aphrodisiacs. Increased libido is just one of the positive effects of these capsules. They also help with erection problems, prolong physical intercourse and have a positive effect on the prostate. However, to achieve visible results, it is necessary to use them for a longer period of time.


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