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Why government job aspirants prefer SSC CGL Coaching in Chandigarh?

Government jobs are the most preferred amongst the graduates seeking a prestigious career option of their lifetime. There is a number of government job exams offered every year to the aspirants such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SBI PO, IBPS CLERK, etc. SSC CGL is one such government that offers a number of posts with handsome salaries and benefits. The posts offered are having good promotion and growth prospects that attracts millions of aspirants every year.

SSC CGL exam involves a lot of competition because the posts offered are less in number as compared to the aspirants. Aspirants prepare for the SSC CGL exam by joining SSC Coaching Institute in Chandigarh or nearby their location or by taking SSC CGL online coaching classes depending upon their availability. Besides joining coaching classes there is a dire need of dedication and hard work. Therefore candidates aspiring for SSC CGL or any of the government job exams should prepare effectively for the upcoming SSC CGL 2021 Exam.

There is number of reasons that government job aspirants prefer SSC CGL Coaching classes, some of them are highlighted below to understand the importance of the same.

  1. Stability in career

 Jobs offered in the public sector are secure and offers stability in their career. It is the main attraction of government jobs. The government sector never suffers the inflation crunch hence government employees are never jobless in the hard times whereas the private sector is shattered with it.

  1. Benefits and other advantages 

Government jobs offer a number of benefits and advantages besides salary such as childcare, housing, loans, traveling allowances etc. These benefits are not allowed in the private sector except for some reputed ones.


  1. Structure of Pay 

With the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, there is a huge rise in the pay scale. The structure of pay is on par with the reputed corporate sector whereas it was less before. Hence, candidates are more inclined towards government jobs.


  1. Static Working Hours 

Government offices have static working hours where candidates have to work for a fixed amount of time even if there is a workload in the office. The private sector does not allow any such benefit. If the office demands any urgent work or there is more work then the private sector will demand extra time from the employees.


  1. Fixed policies for promotion and increment 

The policies for promotions and increments are fixed for government employees whereas a private company offers promotions and increments on the performance which may take time. The time for promotions is not fixed by most of the private companies.


  1. No work Pressure 

There is no work pressure involved in the government sector. In case there is more work at times then it is given enough time to accomplish. In the private-sector employees are given a target to complete the same irrespective of the time they devote.


  1. More holidays & less working days 

The list of government holidays is more as compared to the private sector. The working days in a week are five in the government sector but in the private sector, the working days in a week are six which seems to be a tiring schedule.


  1. Medical Benefits 

The medical bills for any health ailments of the government employee is borne by the government whereas it is not done in the case of a private office. Medical benefits have become an integral part of lifestyle hence it is a significant benefit offered by the government sector which attracts the candidates towards government jobs like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IBPS PO, etc.


  1. Allows maintaining work-life balance 

Government job offers more holidays with less working days in a week which allows the employees to spend enough time to spend with their family and they can enjoy life better than those who are working in the private sector.


These are some of the significant features of government jobs that attract the job aspirants of our country to choose the government sector to work with. Candidates work day and night to grab the government job at their desired department and ministry. In case anyone of you are aspiring for the upcoming SSC CGL exam then start working hard and smart to enjoy these benefit for the lifetime.

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