Wifi IN Business And Security Issues

This is nothing new, the digitalization of companies has been underway for years now and the Internet has become an essential tool for the proper functioning of companies, whether for internal or external communication or for processing and access to certain data. And with the world of work evolving under the impetus of mobility, the Wi-Fi connection in the workplace is almost the standard for many companies.

However, as useful and practical as a Wi-Fi connection in a company is, it does not have only advantages and even raises many questions in terms of security. From mobility to security, we offer you a focus on the challenges of WiFi in business.

Internet in the era of corporate mobility

After the digitization of companies, they continue to transform and develop the way they operate, often according to the evolution of their employees. The spaces are themselves redesigned to put an end to the open-space model or the assigned office to allow those who wish to settle and work where they feel good in order to be more efficient. A new mode of operation which seems to be emulated and which could not be thought of without the tools necessary for mobility.

And in fact, more and more, the laptop is replacing bulky desktop computers. Employees can easily take their work tools from one room to another, from an office to a meeting room. And this is where the integration of a Wi-Fi network in a company becomes interesting. If the Ethernet connection is ideal for a landline, it is different when it comes to mobility. Well designed and well-integrated, the Wi-Fi network allows your employees to access the Internet from anywhere in the company. And quality is essential to allow everyone to benefit from sufficient throughput to work optimally and therefore to be efficient.

Wifi and corporate security

However, however practical the mobile Internet is through the Wifi network, this should in no way obscure the security issues which are numerous when we tackle corporate networks, and even more so with Wifi. Because your company processes sensitive data, relating to your activity, your results, but also your customers, it is essential to set up a maximum level of security. Unless you have an in-house network and IT security specialist, it is then preferable to call on professionals who can improve the level of security according to new threats and your own needs. These will thus be able to take effective measures:

Distinguish your WiFi network from the corporate network

If from the point of view of your employees, the use may seem identical, the distinction between your own information network and the WiFi network is an interesting and effective approach in terms of security. You can thus set up the first barrier to protect your corporate data.

Update your equipment

Too many companies still use computer equipment, software and networks that are completely outdated and whose updates are sometimes no longer provided by the manufacturers.

However, these updates are often the opportunity to upgrade the protection and therefore the security of this equipment. It is therefore important to regularly update the drivers and software, but also to use the equipment as soon as necessary.

Protect connection

The connection to the wireless network is normally done through a user name and a password. You have certainly already tested it at home and have therefore been able to see the surrounding WiFi networks, other than your own. Note that you can camouflage your network by hiding the SSID. Likewise, your login password must offer strong protection, even if this does not seem practical for your new employees.

Train your employees in good web practices.

The main weaknesses of Internet networks and therefore of WiFi networks are generally the result of improper use by users in the company. It is therefore important that each new user is made aware, not to say trained in the dangers and good uses of the web in order to prevent one of them, even unwittingly, from opening the door to a computer threat.

Do you want to integrate a WiFi network solution in your company? Do not take any risk, both for the performance of your teams and for the security of your data, and call on a specialist in network and WiFi solutions for an optimal installation.

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