window shades that roll up and down

Window shades that roll up and down – Roll Up Shades – Retractable

Four basic types of window shades for bedrooms


You need some kind of window treatment, unless you live far from the city. This will give you privacy in your bedroom and block out the sunlight.

Window coverings add style to a room. There are many options for window coverings, but the most important is a shade. You can find shades in a range of styles, materials and colors.


Blinds and shades should not be confused. Shades are solid lengths made from fabric that pull up with a cord. Blinds are opaque window coverings that are made with slats. They can be opened or closed to let in natural light.

window shades that roll up and down

Window shades provide the usual functions of blocking out light, privacy, and adding color to your home without taking up space. You can hang them yourself. A plain shade can be made more appealing by using a variety of DIY techniques.

Shades can be purchased off-the-shelf if your windows have a reasonable size. This cuts Window shades that roll up and down on the cost and time it takes to make custom curtains. A valence and window swag can make your window treatments more stylish.


Here are four common types..


Roller shades can be used as the simplest kind of shade on windows. You can find them inexpensively at your local home improvement store. Roller shades fit inside the window frame and are operated by a pulley mechanism that moves the shade up or Window shades that roll up and down using either a snap of your wrist, or pull of a rope.


Shades that are more costly often have a lift mechanism without a cord. You can also find roller shades made out of a variety materials such as burlap, bamboo, and many other fabrics. These versatile window treatments can also be adorned with trim, tassels or painted designs.


The tie-up shade (also known as the stagecoach or stagecoach-style) is simply fabric that hangs flat from a rod, mounting board, or rod. Instead of using a roller, cords, or other tools, you can simply lift the shades up by hand and then tie them together with attached ribbons. This gives your window treatment a graceful draped look at the bottom.


It also means that to adjust the shade, you need to roll it or unroll it and tie or untie each ribbon. Tie-up shades can be difficult to use, so people often prefer mini-blinds and roller shades.


These window treatments can easily be made by anyone with basic sewing skills. Tie up shades are great for showing off large-scale patterns since they allow so much of your fabric to be visible.


Tie-ups work well with many decorating styles, particularly formal and glamorous.


Roman shades can be described as a cross between roller shades and balloon shades. However, when closed, Roman shades hang flat but fold up when pulled with the attached string.

Roman shades are made of thick fabric. Bamboo is also a popular choice. These fashionable window treatments are compatible with all decorating styles, provided you choose a complementary material. You can find them in a variety of colors and designs.


The back of the balloon shades has cords running through it. The shade’s fabric folds up into billowy poufs as the shade is pulled open. This gives it a romantic, formal look that is reminiscent of an old-fashioned window treatment.

window shades that roll up and down

There are many options for balloon shades, from lightweight fabrics that block out the light to thicker, more lined materials. However, most balloon shades will be made from delicate or silky fabrics that drape beautifully and easily.


Although it isn’t the perfect window treatment for every style of decorating, this fabric can work with many themes such as Hollywood glamour, French country, Tuscan, French country or traditional. But be careful: Balloon shades can look dated in the wrong setting or with patterns or colors that are decades old.

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